10 new Bangladeshi freelancer jobs can be Google only

New / Out of Marketplace (Thousands of marketplaces still can't do that much) Freelancer? If the answer is yes, then the article is specifically for you. However, even if not all the articles are read carefully, he tries to carefully understand the account in the middle.

Already everyone is aware that freelancer in our country has become so much that upwork has almost stopped the freelancer from Bangladesh to cope. Otherwise almost the same situation of the newcomers in the marketplace. But will the bookies who came to this freelancing sector dream about it end so easily?

Can't I use my skills to do anything? Do I get any benefits from the things I've learned so far? No If you know the true work and if you really know the job, then you can make a position in the Inshallah freelancing sector. Just go out of the ordinary and go a little different way. You have to pretend to be another way of saying, "I am an expert, I can do very well." I have to create a situation where the client will find me. How is that ??

Well did you notice a thing? Why do clients like American / Canadian, Australian etc work with the people of our country? They have better workers in their country. But why still work with our country worker? Because, the work rate in our country is very low. Here I will try to explain the whole thing with the example of SEO. Those of you who work a little bit with your work.

Imagine an Australian businessman doing SEO for his business. What would he do? He might first search Google "seo service provider" or seo service provider in Australia. And if you are a little economical, you might search for "lowest seo worker" by typing
 "cheap seo service provider".

Because, he is a businessman. You might not have any idea about upwork, fiber, etc. He might be the first one to help Google. And if you can come to these key pages on the 1st page (even if not at the top). So, what if those who know SEO might understand exactly what happens? And if he is aware of the low rates of SEO workers in Bangladesh.

Most probably know. Because, they know that they leave their country and hire Bangladeshi workers. They may search by writing "SEO service provider in Bangladesh", "SEO expert in Bangladesh", "seo specialist in Bangladesh" etc. Try to understand with ease.

The above 6 keywords are searched in Google every month (260 +590  + 110 + 140 + 590 + 70) = 1760

So every 6 months a search is done at 8,800 because, it usually takes 5 months to finish an SEO full project. On average, a full-time SEO worker needs a new client every 5 months. That is, an SEO worker has a client for every 5 months. Now, you don't even get a single client from every 5 months where there are 8800 searches !!

Do you understand my calculation? To put it more simply - Bangla Bangla's SEO SEO workforce can only be employed by Google. So where there can be employment of 8800 SEO Workers in Bangladesh, then why is there no need to be unemployed like a helpless day after day in the marketplace?

Hey brother is out of the trend and can't make his position in the 80 billion SEO market. Now claiming himself as an SEO specialist?

Hey, If You Can't Do Your Own ... Self SEO ... What SEO Worker ??

Now if you can't rank these low-competitive keywords on the 1st page, then I would say you are not an SEO worker. Besides, there are many business companies in this internet-based Bangladesh who want to do SEO on their own site. They also search Google for SEO search. In this case you got the job in the local market. It is a lot easier to do than it is.

Now another question is that I could not get the job done but how do I accept payment? We have nothing to paypal. You just give your website a link to your profile like Skype, emo, whatsapp, facebook etc. When the client contacts you, give him a link to your fiverr, upwork profile and ask him to come up with the fiverr, upwork. Simple, two sides in one deal.

The question came again, the website ?? I am new / I do not have my own website. Please do. There are many worker-friendly domain-hosting providers in Bangladesh now. Where .com domains are available for only $ 5.0GB Hosting is available for 1690bucks. At 1800Bucks you get 50 GB Hosting with .com domain .

Again, unlimited bandwidth .. also get. Perfect website for self-branding of a freelancer worker. To get anything you have to invest in a minimum. Set up a shop.

You need to knock it out. Keep in mind that you will be late but you will be back. Like, you have left behind in the marketplace. Again, the question comes, where can I find a hosting provider provider in Bangladesh? For example:

Many people can also take domain-hosting from webhostbd, bdserverhosting, ehost, besthostingbd, etc. They will not offer such space and service like Host4coder.

Because, you have to provide high quality HD video to attract the client there. How do I make a video? You can find a little search on youtube.

Now let's show the web designers the calculation -
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