11 Tips: Longer Android phone batteries and hold charge longer.

Android phones are quite popular these days. Handsets are becoming more and more advanced in all aspects of hardware and software. But its battery backup problem is in no way impossible to avoid. My plan today is to come up with some strategies that will last a long time for your Android phone battery. Let's get started

  • Use Dark Color Background. If your phone has an emulated screen, this method will work because the emulated screen only illuminates the colored pixels.
  • Make the apps black if possible. (Via user interface / skin / theme settings)
  • Stay away from Auto Brightness. Adjust the brightness only when needed.
  • Keep the vibration off. But think twice before stopping vibrations in the current route, because if you turn off vibration you may not get call / message notifications.
  • Use original battery. Minimize the timeout of the display lights. It costs a lot of charge. A report shows a user turning on his phone 150 times daily.
  • If you do not need to turn off the mobile internet. Smart features like air gestures, turn off smart scrolling. Only use them if needed.
  • Turn on GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only if needed.
  • Use less widgets that are not needed, especially those that are connected to the net. Use updated apps, as new apps are usually optimized so that the battery will be less expensive.
  • Use the battery saving mode on the phone. If you check the email once a day, there is no need to keep the email open for all time.
  • Update the manual by changing the Google Play Store settings. The "Ok Google" voice search option is nice but it also costs a lot.
  • Turn off animation on the phone. Turn off location service on the phone.
  • reading all these tips, you may feel like you need to run a smart phone when you stop After something like this?

Yes, this question is not just yours but all big phone manufact
urers are looking for a solution so that the phone

Battery backup can be extended and regular research is underway for this. Maybe in the future there will be days and more problems with the battery
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