Android 10 convenient strategy!

  1. The biggest advantage of Android phones is that you can customize it to your liking. Apart from this, the use of numerous apps can be greatly enjoyed. Once again you can sort your mobile apps using the launcher.
  2. The full benefits of Google will be available only on Android. Get Gmail, Calendar, Photos and some great apps. There's also Google Voice Assistant. Apart from this, Google Now launches the latest version called Marshmallow. You will also get Google search options with Marshmallow. From there it is possible to search.
  3. It's easy to know what you're sharing with apps. Go to the Settings menu and go to the Application Manager to find a list of permissions for a specific app. You will regain some control over the permissions in the new Android version.
  4. Another interesting thing is that you can automatically control certain functions of different apps. The browser that you like or the PDF reader that you like will be available immediately. The phone will ask you to set up the default app. You can still clear the settings from the 'Clear Defaults'.
  5. Monitor data usage on mobile. In the Settings menu, you will find the option called Data Usage. Android has a built-in data tracker.
  6. Disables unnecessary apps. There are many apps that are not used. Some of them cannot be deleted again. However, they can be disabled.
  7. Battery power is a big problem for modern smartphones. However, Android phones offer battery saving mode.
  8. You can become a developer yourself to use anything better and faster. You can become a developer from the 'About this phone' option in Settings. There you will find the build number. The developer will go to the forest without having to press seven times on the I am Completely Serious About this part.
  9. You can go to Settings very quickly. You will get quick settings from the Notifications menu. In the Android version, the Quick Settings menu is available on the go.
  10. Can do multiple tasks at once. It will run two applications simultaneously. Apps you have worked with recently have a home button. Hold it tight. The apps will come in separate screen sizes. You can pick from there.
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