Closing Skype for Business Online

Microsoft is canceling Skype for Business Online Services. The app can no longer be used from July 31, 2021.
The current users of the app will not receive any changes as a result of this decision. However, after September 1 this year, those who open an account at Office 365 will be sent directly to the Microsoft team to chat. From there, they can chat, share files and make video calls. However, the impact of this decision will not be affected by Skype for Business Server and Skype Consumer Services services.

Microsoft team was added to Microsoft 365 in 2017. Teamwork becomes easier. The Team App has the ability to share chats, videos, meetings and documents. For the past two years the Microsoft team has been working on app development. So confidently they advised Skype for Business Online users to upgrade to Microsoft team in their blog post.

Microsoft has a lot of reasoning behind the closing of Skype for Business Online. As customers have told them, the team can work more cohesively. In addition, the company said they were able to work faster using the team.

The Skype for Business service was launched in 2014. With this service, millions of people around the world have access to messaging, calling and video chatting in one app. At that time, Skype for Business showed a new path to business communication.

AJID / July 31/2019/1655 at Windows Central Resort
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