Do you know how much your mobile is hurting you? Mobile users are urging everyone to read

At present we are idle without mobile but do we even once think about how much this mobile is doing to us? Hour after hour, the phone is quThe tune I'm going to do today is a cautionary tune.ietly 
spoken on mobile.


  • According to scientists, the danger of a nuclear reactor is not less than the damage of this electromagnetic field. The thinner the tax, the more mobile their impact. From brain tumors to nervous system breakdowns, heart attacks are all set to rise
  • With the use of mobile phones, a part of our brain becomes heated. As a result, brain tissue is damaged. His reaction is also in the brain
  • Using a mobile phone during a storm can lead to danger.
  • Without using an ear phone, talking to the mobile at the ear's ear can lead to less hearing and even fear of deafness.Keeping mobile in the book pocket is more likely to cause heart problems.
  • Infertility is on the rise. Excessive mobile use increases the risk of cancer or malignant tumors in the face.
  • Children's brain cells are soft and they are suffering severe damage. Scientist Hyland has shown that children suffer from epilepsy and asthma due to electromagnetic pollution.
  • Leaf Self-emphasized enough to be strong on the basis of data-proof, that every call of a cellphone damages our brain. Even as passive smokers who are not using mobile phones but have access to mobile users are also suffering. The results of the study by Santorini and Millard in Santini and Sweden in France reinforce Leff Selffed's statement. According to their survey, up to 20% of cellphone users suffer from various neurological problems. For example, dizziness, fatigue, loss of memory, relaxation of head, fatigue etc.

So what will you do now ? Do you throw the mobile in the water? Or use some of the rules to use the swear mobile?In fact, the second is true. If we use mobiles in compliance with certain rules, we will be protected from many diseases


  • Try talking on the speaker of the mobile phone so that your head is away from the mobile. Although it is harmful, but not so much less than the possibility of damage if you hold the mobile in front of the head.
  • Use earbuds if possible. These will basically help keep your head away from mobile
  • Do not allow the mobile to be connected to your body by turning it on all day. Or even if you keep the mobile antenna not looking at you (usually behind the mobile).
  • When you're at home, try using a landline instead of a mobile. Keep in mind that cordless land phones do not radiate less than mobile. So use a land phone with a cord.
  • When you're at home, try using a landline instead of a mobile. Keep in mind that cordless land phones do 
  • Buy a cover for your mobile that will prevent the radiation dispersion of the phone to some extent.
  • Use a phone that radiates low radiation. Mobile phone companies are currently aware of their health, and they are trying to create mobiles that use low radiation. LG Quantum Mobile is the lowest radiation spread among mobiles made so far.
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin C and E that will protect your body's cells from destruction. Eat cilantro, guava, papaya, orange lemon, strawberries, etc. It has a lot of vitamin C and red cilantro powder E.
  • When you sleep at night, do not listen to the mobile because the effect of your body can be much longer as the mobile is connected with your body for a long time.
  • Notice the mobile signal. When it is low, the mobile radiates more radiation, so let the signal come first and then call again.
  • Speak in the message from the mobile, so at least the mobile is away from your head, so the possibility of damage will be somewhat less.

By the way, I wish you goodbye and stay away
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