Everything can be explained by science?

We are far ahead in science and technology. Today we have developed a civilized and modern society. In the meantime thousands of branches of science have been created. . Still standing in this modern world of ours, would you say that science cannot explain some things today or even in the future?

When science is able to explain a subject or not

Science analyzes any phenomenon and content through experimentation, research, measurement and observation. There are various factors, principles, time, speed, quantity, etc. associated with an event or subject. Scientists are researching and inventing various theories and formulas, where things related to phenomena or phenomena are expressed by variables or variables. If you know the value of various variables associated with an element that can explain an event, you can easily analyze that event.

For example, you arrive at your home by pressing a motorcycle from the office. Here time (t), velocity (v) and distance (s) will serve as variables.

In fact, the boundaries of our knowledge are limited and the number of events that take place in our real world is numerous. It is possible to describe each event by such variables. Different scientists, when doing research, analyze different factors and try to first express them by variables. Each of these variables then attempts to determine the nature and relationship from which various theories and formulas are derived.

Due to the limitations of our knowledge we are useless to analyze different phenomena. We actually encounter a number of events every day which can be defined as follows.

In real life, many people say that they are familiar with various magical, magical, physical and spiritual experiences. As an ordinary person, I would not say that there is nothing physical and spiritual, but it is not uncommon to say that one of the many physical and spiritual experiences is the limitation of our knowledge. Can't you? "
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