Five percent of diabetics are suffering from kidney disease

Kidney Foundation's founding president Dr. Haroon Aur Rashid says, “Diabetes is a silent killer. Through it, the human body contains complex diseases. Diabetes leads to kidney failure. Five percent of people infected with the disease are infected with kidney disease.

'He said this at a three-day seminar organized at the Kidney Foundation Bangladesh in Mirpur on Saturday (February 16th). Earlier, he announced the inauguration of the seminar.

Dr. Haroon Aur Rashid said the number of kidney patients in Bangladesh is on the rise. When kidney disease occurs in human body, many give up hope of survival. Although in the developed world and in our neighboring country (India), the standard treatment for kidney disease is introduced, we are far behind.

"Most people in our country are suffering from diabetes as they get older," she said. About 5% of them have kidney disease. Many kidneys are on the way. The Kidney Foundation has started this program with the help of local and foreign donor agencies to provide improved treatment for kidney transplantation or relocation. Hopefully, better treatment for kidney disease will be introduced across the country.

Seminar National Heart Foundation Hospital founder National Professor Bri. (Ret.) Abdul Malek said people are ready to spend money on medical care and medicines. But show extreme reluctance to be aware. Because of this, the number of patients and diseases is increasing in every country.

He also said that people can stay healthy by avoiding bad habits, eating moderate and good food and doing some physical work. Awareness of urgent people to stay healthy, like establishing good medical care. For this, the government and all concerned should work. By reducing the disease, it will be possible to keep people healthy.

The seminar was chaired by Mrs. Tinny Ferdous, managing director of the Kidney Foundation, attended by physicians, medical college students, representatives of different institutions. The closing of the seminar will be announced on February 7.
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