Google's first auto-flying taxi in the world

Google's vice-presidential drone company has brought the world's first auto-flying taxi. This passenger carrying two passengers can fly at about 110 miles an hour. Google co-founder Larry Page said the taxi is currently awaiting approval in New Zealand. The drone analogy taxi, under the supervision of Jeffer Airworks, was secretly undergoing various tests.

This automatic flying taxi, called the Quora, is a combined form of a 12-rotor plane and a drone. It is capable of flying vertically like a drone. Again, due to the propeller mounted on the back, it flies forward. That is to say, both the planes and the drones feature in it. Eight years of hard work, the drone can rise up to 914 miles above ground.

According to Larry Page's drone company Kitty Hawk, 'the discovery of a flying taxi means bringing it to the airport, since Cora can fly vertically like a helicopter, so there is no need for a separate runway. Anyone can fly from the roof, courtyard or parking lot of his house at any time through Kora. '

The page itself is behind Kitty Hawk's financing, and the company is headed by former Google's active car director Subaschean Thrun. They want to start flying taxis first before Uber national companies.

They hope to get permission to operate the taxi in the next three years, which will recognize them as the world's first flying taxi company. Not only that, New Zealand will also be the first country to approve such approval. Needless to say, New Zealand Airlines is very good and exemplary.

Kitty Hawk is also developing an app for Quora, like Uber, whereby a passenger will be able to fly a flight taxi to the destination just as Uber calls it.

Kitty Hawk's fantasy about Korra is not over. After launching commercially, one of their more difficult tasks will be to keep people informed and to believe that it is safe to use.

Kitty Hawk said every flight of Korra would take place under the combined supervision of software and humans. In addition to the three separate independently operated rotors, the parachute will be connected to the Korra.

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