If you do not charge the mobile phone properly, you will miss it!

1.Full charging:

There are many people who do not open flowers from mobile charges without charging flowers with mobile charges. 

The battery capacity is reduced slightly every time to charge flowersThus, after six to seven months, it is seen that the battery is not charged at all. So don't charge flowers all the time. 85% of

2. Charge nightly:

It is my practice to do this. Charge the phone almost every night, get up in the morning and open it from the charge. This gives the battery a pretty good backup. Many people think that it will cause the battery to swell or become damped by overcharging.

But nowadays phones are made such that after 5% charge there is no charge. So keeping the phone charged overnight does not hurt.

3. Charge with open phone:

If you want to get good battery backup, you must turn off the mobile and charge it.

Let's see how long the charge will be for mAh. If you run a 1500-1600 mAh battery, you will get 5 hours of backup on drag and tune. If you use 18-2000 mAh battery, you will get backup for about 4 hours. If you use a 2200-2500 mAh battery, you will get backup for about 4 hours.

If you use a 3000-3500 mAh battery, you will get backup for 3 hours. Using 4000 mAh battery you will get backup for 5 hours. If you get less than what you need to get your battery backed up, then go to Kastoma Care.One more thing, never bring mobile charge down below 20%.

This will cause the battery to go down slowly. And you will charge several times without giving a continuous charge. If you are given a bucket of rice in the morning, you may not need to eat anything else all day. But it will hurt you and put a lot of pressure on the inside of your body

And if you eat one bucket three times a day in the morning without eating a bucket, then it would be good for you. This way, the battery will charge a little at a time without charging the flowers. Only then will your best friend be good on your Android phone.
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