Now the oil filter will clean the oil from the water!

Oil can be separated from water by the newly discovered filter!
According to the conventional idea, we know that oil and water do not mix in water, but in the laboratory it is possible to feed and mix water and oil with special chemicals. However, once mixed, it can no longer be separated. However, it is possible to find a solution using this newly discovered filter. Researcher at the University of Michigan, Anish Tutja, discovered this particular type of filter paper through which water is accessible but oil is not possible. It needs to be used for a variety of tasks. For example, this filter paper is used for the treatment of water in the treatment of plants or it is used to prevent oil uptake.

Also, it will be helpful for major disasters, says researcher Anish Tuteja.

In August, he and his team conducted research that found that 1.5 percent of the oil could be removed.

In the past, scientists have created filters through which oil could enter but water could not! Now the reverse filter is discovered.

Many more surprises in the future may be the hope that scientists will gift.
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