Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is a mammal of the Panthera tribe. They are a subspecies of the genus Tiger (Panthera tigris). Tigers are huge cat breeds. Tigers are one of four cat species.

The body of the Royal Bengal Tiger has brown or yellowish stripes on brown or yellow. The male tiger is 270 to 310 cm or 110-120 inches with a tail, weighing 221.2 kg. The female tiger is 240 to 265 cm tall (94-104 inches) and weighs 139.7kg. The Bengal Tiger's tail is 85-110 cm 33-43 inches. The height of the neck is 90 to 110 cm (35-43 inches).

They have no specific breeding season. Most tiger breeds, however, are born in December and April. It is also born in March, May, October and November. Born in tall grass, shrubs, or bats are born in caves. At birth, their eyes and ears are closed. The tooth grows 2-3weeks after birth. It is transformed into a permanent tooth within 8.5-9.5 weeks. Until the age of 3-6 months, the mother tiger is placed with her cubs. They then gradually learned to eat hard food and at 5-6 months of age they received hunting training from their mother tiger, and at the age of 2-3 they were separated from the family.

Male tigers become sexually mature within 4-5 years and females tigers within 4 years.The Bengal Tigers can roar very loudly. Their roar can be heard up to 5 km.Tiger hunting animals. When they get hungry, they hide under the bushes. And jumped on other animals. They mainly eat vegetarian animals.

Before the Bengal Tiger, which was seen almost everywhere in Bangladesh now, the tiger's shrinking field is decreasing day by day.
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