Six Tips to Use Google Search Engine

There is no one among us who doesn't know or didn't use Google. Everyone is helping more and more Google mamas. That means if we need to find something then go to Google. Other than Google but there are many search engines that we do not enter much. However, each person may like one. But if you survey in Bangladesh then Google will be the top. Can't be finished with the qualities of Google.

We do a lot of Google searches to find any information but due to not searching properly, it is often difficult to find or not find the first page. Once again, the mind is not like that. But in this case, if you search on Google knowing some things, then you may be able to find the information you want quickly. What could it be like? You can see my suggestions below. I'm not saying you have to do this. You can find what you like, but I just shared with you the experience I found easily.

১ # Search for information from a web: You may have read or viewed some article on the web at one time but you want to read that article now but you have forgotten the address of that website but your name (techtunes) then your desired article heading and Search along with that web name hope you get a certain article. For example, if you want to know about Google search engine strategy, then if you search on Google search engine strategy Techtunes you will get the article link first. Because TechTunes has many article tunes every day, you can use this method to get specific articles.

2 # In terms of product and price search: We do almost anything to search Google for certain products by typing price in Bangladesh. It takes a long time to find. If you know the specific web then search through that web or you will get good results if you search below.

Suppose you buy a mobile, you do not know the price of the mobile but know the brand name Nokia or Xiaomi if you search for Nokia $ 100- $ 500 and you will find it easy. But for dollar sign but for international, you have to enter Nokia tk.10000-tk.50000. It is up to you what kind of web you find.

৩ # Using Correct Informative Words: You might be wondering if a search is done with any word on Google, which is the correct word? The more informative and descriptive words you use in Google, the more rewarding you will be. Because if your search item is a single word you will get it first. However, if you do not use your search term, you will not get the answer even if you search all day. Many times we do not find the web pages we need but we do not go to many pages to search again, but the reason is not to use the right words.

৪ # Looking for Information in Format: Do You Understand What I'm Talking? If you do not understand, many of us are searching for documents in various formats on Google. If you know what kind of document you are looking for, you can easily find the search day by specifying the format. And let's say a little better, we often search for presentation or find different PDF documents. For all that information you can get your information faster by just typing dot pdf or ppt or doc, etc. at the end of your presentation name. For example: pdf, jpg, doc, ppt, png, gif. However. (dot) If you do not search, you will get. Using the extension will get you to the first page.

৫ # No words or symbols can be used: We often use words that are forgotten, which Google refuses to find. And if you use Case Sensitive at Google, you get the same information. However, if you do not use the words below, it is better. Such as: @, $,%, ^, &, *, (), =, +, _, [], /! ~ If you search by using some symbols you are more likely to get nothing
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