Technology-based educational institutions should start development efforts in technology research

At present, the criteria for social, economic, cultural and overall development are science and technology. Efforts are being made to enrich science all over the world. Neither are we behind, but the pace of progress is slow. In the past few years, there has been a lot of interest in the use of technology, but there is little interest in enriching one's own technology. From various science and technology based educational institutions. If we look at self-made countries in other technologies of the world, it can be seen that there is a lot of great research in universities, but there is no such practice in the universities of our country.

Our achievement

The hope is that the development of internet and information technology and their use in our country is increasing day by day. Efforts are being made to spread the benefits of internet and information technology across the country, from the public-private and private levels. And as a result of this, we are already getting 3G and 4G internet access, increasing the use of Wi-Fi to make the internet easier available in universities, numerous training centers based on quality and quality information technology have been developed in Bangladesh in the last year, and nationwide. Seminars on various topics including information technology, online earning, e-commerce, embedded systems at different times And the number of workshops is also increasing. Attempts are being made to create groups through social networks to exchange activities for interested people based on information technology.

While we personally benefit from participating in such activities, the overall situation of the country is not changing. These activities are certainly encouraging the youth, but a large part of the educated people in the country are not yet aware of such activities. My personal analysis is that most of the students and educated society in our country are not well connected with internet and information technology. Only those who have a personal interest in this matter are seeking personal development by engaging in the activities, activities and community that are currently being run.

Technology-based educational institutions should start development efforts in technology research

The main role of development in science and technology is the students and educated society of the country. Therefore, efforts to enrich science and technology should start from different science and technology based educational institutions, including universities. At present, almost all the universities are conducting activities for the study of culture, debate, sports, language throughout the year but no such activities are conducted for the development of science and technology. Sometimes a part-time effort is put in front of a special occasion, but it does not last long.

There are many who have come a long way in their personal endeavors, but in doing so, they have to overcome many obstacles and make many sacrifices. A few days ago I was talking to one of my Varsity sir, "One of our older brothers now works as an embedded system development engineer at a company, earning a good salary. He was busy at the time, including many professional projects. Sir, I learned that his results are very good. Bad. "Although his results are not good, he is working with his experience in a good company. Again, there are many of his classmates whose results were good but he did not reach the level due to lack of experience.

Observe things for us

Dear Readers, Just think a little if our older brother could have helped the university to conduct his research activities, and could have done the work of being part of a university controlled group, would not have solved any problem easily and in a short time? Could he not have time to study and make better results? On the other hand, those who have done well only by studying and studying, could not get technical practical experience by joining that group?

Let's try it out

We as a conscious citizen cannot afford our responsibility. So let's try to build a country that is technologically self-sufficient. If you are a student, you can

To create a community of science and technology within the country.Discuss with your educational institution to try to create a science and technology group.You can set up a day, or a specific time each week, by grouping together, training in science and technology, discussing, exchanging experiences, trying to solve problems, creating science and technology projects and so on.Occasionally you can arrange a seminar or workshop, science fair or a science related competition by contacting different technology based organizations.You can sponsor special studies conducted by groups or communities in or outside the country.You can create and market some commercial and usable products through groups or communities. By doing so, there will be a cost system for conducting group activities and research.A monthly science and technology based magazine, you can publish books. Group income can also be made from here.After establishing a group or community on a single basis, joint research can be attempted by establishing contact with various institutions in the country or abroad.You can inform the results of your research through blogs, social media, publications.You can try to implement any potential project that can be effective for the country and the nation through community or educational institutions or by contacting the government with help.You can create a Technology Museum for your own research and collection for academia or community, which will encourage others and the next generation to work on technology.
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