The effect of the increase in the temperature of the earth

The climate is changing due to the earth's temperature changes for a variety of reasons. If this continuity is sustained, we will have to deal with dire problems.

Greenhouse gas is being produced on a daily basis. This gas is destroying the weight level, which is due to the rise in the temperature of the earth. As the temperature continues to rise, some of the changes in the life of the atmosphere will be discussed -

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১. Temperature rise and agriculture

The rule is that the sun will come from sunlight during the day and heat will radiate during the night. But gas, such as carbon dioxide, methane and chloro-ferro-carbon (CFC), sticks to the heat of the sun. A part of the heat of the sun coming into the earth is prevented from radiation.

Carbon dioxide, methane and chloro-ferro-carbon (CFC) are being freely removed from the mill. The concentration of other greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide in the air, is increasing day by day.

Normally the maximum temperature is 5 to 5 degrees Celsius during summer. In the hotter regions the temperature rises to 5 degrees The same temperature has been going down for centuries. But lately, the temperature is rising. Which will change agriculture and civilization.

Increasing the temperature per degree (if the same thing is cultivated in the same manner) can reduce grain yield by up to 10%.

The increase in temperature may also change the product of the cultivators of the farmers, which will also affect the food chain. Many varieties of crops and animals associated with those crops will also die. If a crop is low in production, the farmer will start cultivating another crop. When that day was cultivated, it would change.

2. Desertness

Many areas will be transformed into new deserts. When the amount of flammable vapor in the air decreases, the soil becomes dry. The trees and shrubs hold water in the ground. If the tree that was subjected to the temperature of the area was dead, it would turn into a desert. Europe is more threatened to become a desert, it will have an impact in Africa as well.

৩. Drought:

The drought and the absence of crops will come to a close. The ground will be bursting. Production of crops will be hampered. On the other hand, the underground water is being cut down on the other hand, the level of money is being brought down to various industries in the factory so we have to face extreme drought.

৪. Drought will increase the likelihood of fire:

Because there is no water in the air. The air temperature will rise. During the high temperatures, the forest is now flooded in many areas.
In areas where there is a lot of forest, huge forests can become dense if they are burned.

৫. Ice melting in the polar region and its impact on the environment

The polar regions will have a big impact if the ice melts too much. During the summer, the ice will melt, which in the water of the sea will cause a few events.

A. The sea water level will rise. A portion of ice that has never melted will melt into the sea water.
B. Salt water will add more fresh water to the sea. The pH will rise. The ecological changes of marine flora and fauna will change.
C. Human traffic has increased in the polar region recently. Many go on a trip. Their travel distance will be reduced. Because their major obstacle will be frozen ice in different places.
D. The waste oil is mixed with water while traveling on various ships. And the oil floats in the upper reaches of the water and damages the marine environment. This loss will also add up day by day.In the meantime there is a kind of tree growing its size. Maybe it's because of the water available. 

The amount of Adili Penguin is declining and the amount of Ganto Penguin is increasing. 
The amount of krill has dropped a lot

৬. Increase sea surface elevation and lower zone sinking

The sea ice will be mixed with sea water. We know that hot water concentration is lower than cold water. The highest concentration at 4 ° C. And therefore, as the temperature rises, the volume of water will increase. So the low places, especially near the coast, will sink. The surface area will be reduced.Many countries, including Bangladesh, may disappear. However, in many parts of Bangladesh after the poli, many new fodder have emerged..

৭. Air pollution

To meet the day-to-day demand of the people, the factory factories do not pollute water and soil more than air pollution.Coal, gas and mineral oil are increasing radiation throughout the country. Again, greenhouse gases are emitting gas that mixes with air and water vapor and is falling back into the ground. Heavy gas is a deadly disease in the air.According to the World Health Organization, 40% of deaths are directly or indirectly associated with air pollution.
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