The health benefits of staying in the village

The major advantages of being a city in Bangladesh are three - anytime any product is available, there are good educational institutions and medical care is easy. But despite the many barriers to living in the village, the villagers will get all the health benefits like drunkenness.

১. Heavy metals in the air
The cars in the city are regularly producing nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide etc. It is not possible to have enough trees in the city to accept it directly because people are taking it. Coal factories and power plants alike are polluting the air.
Living in the city is more likely to cause various diseases including asthma, bronchitis. And it also affects people's minds. There is a possibility of air pollution along with crime trends. Note that air inside the vehicle is the most harmful - five times more heavy metal is found inside the vehicle than in the house or house.

2. The water in the village deep tube well is better than the water in the washer
There are regular faults in the Wassa water supply line in Dhaka and other cities. With the slightest rain, the city's monuments drain and water drains into the pipes of Wasa's water. In some places you will see that the water has gone through the drainage of the toilet.
Sometimes the water pressure is low or there is no water. This time the dirty water enters the pipe. Therefore, the water of Wasa can never be consumed without being filtered. The water in village deep tube well is more healthy than this.

৩. The harmful side of noise pollution
Excessive noise reduces hearing loss in the ears. This is understandable if you regularly check those who work in the factory for many noise calls or have a longer car noise. Due to noise pollution, there can be various problems including loss of attention, lack of sleep, increasing depression.

৪. Mandatory hatchet and labor
In the village there are roads and places where people have to walk. It is difficult to get a hut like environment in the city. You can see my writing on the 25 benefits of Hatter. In the village there are many types of tasks that need to be done manually which is an exercise for the body. Many times in the city we cannot exercise.

৫. Fresh foods and chemical free fruits
Nature can be seen from a distance, and nature also consumes it. Each season new fruits, sak, vegetables come out and fresh food is eaten. Chemical-free foods are available because they are not sold anywhere in the country, but they are not offered in the market.
Can be eaten directly by eating fresh fish. There are many rare foods that may not be available in the market. Of course, not all kinds of food are produced in these regions, so some items may not be available.

৬. Fast food and processed food not available
There is a fast food shop in downtown Allegheny. The chicken that is cooked in these shops is kept in the refrigerator for many days, and many foods have expired. I even saw a refrigerator chicken cooked six months ago in a three star hotel
Chemicals are not provided for the consumption of canned foods, juices, jellies, dry fruit, chips, processed meat, etc., which are harmful to the body. Fastfood contains transfusions that increase the risk of heart attack in the arteries.In many villages, the supply of these foods is quite low as the demand for these foods is low. And it is very useful for the people of the village.
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