Things I must know before doing a website.

In this age of globalization, everything is going online. From internet to social and national activities, the Internet is a huge contribution. And in such an era, no one will have personal or business contacts online. Ananya has her own status through social. But there are many limitations I can't represent myself or my business exactly like myself. They have to stay within the bounds of design and confinement. What else is there to fulfill? No, they don't. This particular article is for those who are thinking of doing a website today.


Free can be done in two ways. Free and paid. If you want to do free, you can go to, and have a profile like Facebook. What is the future of free things or products ... I hope nobody knows. One thing to keep in mind ... Your website is not for 1/2 days, but for a lifetime. And if you want to create a beautiful structure with attractive design and complete information, then you must go to the website with paid or money. And this is why domain and hosting. Many people, especially the new ones, blow the website at 12 o'clock.


Simply put, the address or address of your website is the domain of your website. Like


There are many fake or fraudulent organizations, who will ask you to give you a domain for free or for 200/300/500 rupees… always beware of them. They will be the domain of greed for the first year with various offers, but from next year they will take the money from you. Then you will be obliged to fulfill their demand to save the website. Otherwise your website is finished. So… even if the money is a little high, buy any hidden fees from them. Your website but not for a lifetime, 1/2 days.

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