Ways to Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation

Never go to sleep by turning the mobile phone on the head. Emergency SMS, WhatsApp message, phone call, as much as possible, whenever you go to sleep at night or at night, keep the mobile away from bed or try to shut it down.

Otherwise the danger, the WiFi radiation of the mobiles does terrible damage. Recently a group of ninth grade students of Punjab state of India have been experimenting with different types of herbs and found that the wifi radiation of mobile phones is extremely harmful to life! It can bring death!

Lee Lelson, one of the students who runs the test, said that they carried out the test on a 4000 variety of vegetable seeds.

How to protect the mobile from heating.

The seeds of the vegetables were kept in 6 trays at the same temperature in two separate houses, giving equal water and sunlight to the seeds of the vegetables kept in those two houses for 12 days.To grow them, two wifi routers were placed in six trucks containing vegetable seeds. Radiation comes from the wifi routers that come from ordinary mobile phones.After 12 days, it was found that the seeds of herbs kept near the WiFi router did not grow. Most of the vegetables are either dead or dried.And the vegetable seedlings that had no wifi routers on the edge of the trellis have grown very nicely with water and sunlight.Ninth-grade students have been conducting tests, one of them said, adding, "This proves just how dangerous the radiation of WiFi or mobile is."

See if your mobile phone is heated for 6 reasons. Don't miss it, really.

So our advice is to keep your mobile phone away while you go to bed or keep it in bed if you do not turn it off, which can be very dangerous to the brain or body.Now talking about how to avoid this WiFi radiation? Simple, WiFi routers can stop using and use megabytes.Then can you tell how to avoid mobile phone radiation?

Ways to Prevent Mobile Radiation

১. As stated above, maintain a minimum distance while sleeping or turn off the mobile and sleep at night. However, I would prefer to sleep a few meters away from the head while sleeping.

2. Use headphones, earphones or Bluetooth when talking on mobile phones. See, when you approach the mobile ear while talking on mobile, your head is closer to the radiation of the mobile.

৩. If the mobile battery is low then stop using the mobile. This is because most of the radiation is spread when the battery is low.

৪. Avoid using it on mobile charges. Because if you think to yourself, wouldn't it be a problem if the input and output are together?

৫. Avoid using mobile for too long. When I sat down to write the article myself, I had to hold my mobile for quite some time. This made my hand dull for a few seconds. This is one of the example of mobile radiation.

৬. The most important is to keep the mobile away from the children and pregnant women. There are many children who do not eat food unless they have a smartphone. But be careful, the effect of radiation on the soft body of children is very immediate.
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