What has science and technology just given us? Let's not know what science and technology have taken away

We are all familiar with science and technology. The donation of science is unacceptable.

Science and technology have taken life just as much as it has. Today we will discuss the donation and withdrawal of science and technology. But before that, do not know what science and technology?

Science and Technology: Many of us combine science and technology together in Aulaiya. But is science and technology one? It is related to true science and technology but not one. There are some marked differences between science and technology. Science is about taking ideas or making sense of the world around us. He is the scientist who studies science. And technology is apt to use the acquired knowledge of science to the benefit of the people. And the one who makes the technology useful for human welfare is the technician.

Some important discoveries of science and technology:

  • Dynamite
  • Computer / Laptop
  • Motor engine
  • Mobile phone
  • Electricity
  • Robots
  • Facebook
  • 3 degree selfie
  • Radar
  • Medicine
  • Telescope
  • Animation
  • Wireless
  • Printing machines - etc.

What has been our invention of various science and technology

Development of communication systems
  1. Unnecessary change in agriculture
  2. Development of medical field
  3. Today, we can easily do any work in exchange for science and technology. 
Science and technology have made our lives easier. He has brought the earth into his hands. Today, we can know at home news about the ends of the earth. The death rate has decreased in science and technology. Did science and technology give us anything? Yes! Has taken away our time. Robot made man. Human values and humanity are extinct today. Has made us mechanical. But let us not know what we have changed in terms of science and technology.

  1. Childhood: I was surprised to hear stories of our ancestors' childhood. Evil is full of joy or childhood. Where they spent their childhood in the pool, they play from this side and end of the field. And our childhood was stuck in a closed room. Playing games on the computer, spending our time on Facebook.Time: Today we have become so busy with the change of technology that today we have no time to give ourselves. It is seen that people from the same family, most of the time from the same house are talking on mobile, chatting.
  2. The decline of humanity: With the development of technology day by day, the decline of humanity within us is also noticeable. Now when we see a sick person on the street, we take selfies, do video, and perform the duties on Facebook. But that was not the case a few years ago.
  3. Emotions: As a result of increasing use of science and technology, the emotions of other people are in the void of our imagination.
  4. Moral Enhancement: When technology is at hand, morality goes without saying. The number of crimes is increasing day by day. In addition to cybercrime, some unscrupulous people using online are pursuing their evil intentions.
  5. Vision-power: Looking at the screen of phones and laptops all the time, we are losing our sight prematurely.Vitality: Due to science and technology, we are losing our vitality.

With the increase in the use of science and technology, a number of people are consuming depression. Suicide is on the rise.

Using science and technology, even though some dishonest cycles continue to carry out their dishonest work, this is not to deny the discovery of science. Hopefully for the welfare of the people, not for the loss. Your use of technology depends on the good and bad aspects of your success.
Mehedi Hasan

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