What to know before buying a server

Before buying a server, you need to know how to buy a server. And before you know it, find out what kind of service you are buying for the server.

I divided the three down -

১. Mail server, Web server
2. Application or database server, local office software server
৩. File server or backup server
If your server is running for 365 days. If you want to buy a server that can't stop for a minute, then you need to look at the features below.

1.General Chat Chat Lounge Redundancy power supply

The power supply unit that I saw the most was the Dax computer. If one power supply is lost, you will get redundant power supply on some servers to give it another backup. Again this power supply will be a hot plug - you will love it. That means if a power supply is lost, you can buy a new power supply without shutting down the server.

2. Hardware RAID

Any time a hard disk fails or data loss happens regularly. But how can you get rid of it? Of course, through Raid. If you buy a server, you must buy a RAID card.

Many server specifications mention software RAID. In fact, it's not the only thing worth mentioning. Because RAID partition on any computer or server, you can RAID software. This will make your computer slower because your processor will do the job of RAID.

৩. Hot Plug Hard Disk Block

You do not have to shut down the computer to replace any hard disk with a hot plug hard disk tray. Different servers have different hard disk trays. If a hard disk is damaged or you find that the hard disk is damaged, you can change the hard disk without having to down the server.

৪. LAN port

Although the output of the computer works with output, display, etc. They are rarely used in the server. The most important is the LAN port. Many users are connected through the LAN port. Multiple LANPorts allow you to work with many IPs simultaneously and exchange information faster. If ever a lanport is damaged - or disconnected, you can still stay connected. Some servers have four or more LAN ports.

৫. Remote Access Port (iDRac or ILO port)

Different servers provide different types of remote access. In short, you can enter system bios with an IP on this port. If for some reason the server's hard drive is damaged or any part of the server does not run any part of the system, you can still enter the bios to check if the problem has occurred.
If you are remotely controlling the server, you will be able to access this port with IP and username, password, and KVM switch.
Although not all servers have it - you will definitely want to buy the server with this feature if you want to control it remotely. Dell calls it iDRAC and HP calls it ILO.

৬. Survivor as per requirement and utility

  • If you do not need a lot of space on your server and if you have a lot of users and loads on the processor, you must use SSD. Without having to buy too many hard disks, two SSDs will give you good performance.
  • If you want to buy a server for file server creation, my advice is not to buy a rack mount. Purchase a tower server that has a lot of drive bays like the Dell T330. Of course you would like to have a RAID card and have more LAN ports.
  • Where multiple servers work, such as load balancing servers or mirror servers, you can compress the configuration.
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