What you should do before publishing a website

In fact, a programmer is naturally very excited to finish a web site. Many times it does bring some good air and it has its drawbacks. After several days of working, if you think the site is finished, now is the time to open it - think about the time you have seen these beepers.

As a web designer / developer, you have the finesse of your work, and from that magnitude I am saying - many start without paying attention to many things that can cause even a few problems.


Even if the site has gone to its end, you may suspect that some things may not work out how to do it. There may be things that the client does not understand, or does not benefit from talking to. You can discuss them. Can share with friends on your social network. However, it is not a matter of urgency ... it is not that you are taking advice from someone. In fact, you are taking the matter in a way that is just a discussion. Good thing has to be taken from it.

Work a little slower:

The last tasks of web design are labor intensive and cost a lot of labor. So I would suggest you take a rest before having a little site lunch. It will be to your benefit if you spend a day calmly before the site is officially published.
After rest, there may be things that aren't noticed during the stress of many work.

You're always busy - do you like it? Your client may have called me to tell you about my work — your work. I would rather prefer an answer like that - something different. The fact that you are always busy at work is very positive in your direction, but as a human being, people do not like it.

Except for the fact that everyone likes Relax people. Out of the rain, everyone is singing the misery of the rain etc. At that time I hooted and said - What a fun rain, I feel good. Many of them even like my words - I'm good that they understand my words.

Transaction related transactions

After releasing the website, make clear the implementation of the contract that was contracted to pay your money. Normally, when the work is done, the entire money is taken. Many times it takes a few months for testing. If you can't bring professionalism into your own money - the biggest problem is after the money. After that comes a hassle - and lessons from it. Rather, it is important to keep these bags clean.So before releasing the work of the website-

  • Create INVOICE
  • Make sure you get the money
  • If the site release service has any issues, make a contract.
  • If you need a hard copy of the site design and other documentation, save it.

Checking web site compatibility:

  • You may have used a browser. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. Check the site created by the browser.
  • Check how much time it takes to load the site. But the images need to be seen to be properly optimized.How does your site look in different resolutions?
  •  Have you seen? Lately the use of large monitors is increasing. For example, the monitor that I purchased for all shades is 900 * 1600 pixels standard.
  • At times, some unnecessary files and code are written while working. Now you can delete any unnecessary code.


If you think the job is over, back up the entire job. You may not know what your design will be like after the job goes to the client. So, backup your work and keep it up to date. And you can take snaps of different parts. If you need to note some information, including the relation of the database table, do so.
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