Writing for fun or writing for money

Although writing for money is considered bad by many, I think it is a positive way to improve the quality of writing. Your writing on various web and blogs can establish you as a quality professional writer. When you write as a freelance writer, you will have an eye on the movement of your pen. You cannot write so you are going. Writing outside subject matter is not acceptable. But I think the good side of this thing will outweigh the bad side. You can write what you like and publish it on your own blog - no problem. So to establish yourself as a writer, you can also know about the quality of writing by good writers. You can see several things, if you need to write.

Many times, the text is written in something other than the title. It is often used to attract the reader and sometimes it takes advantage of search engine. Sometimes a metaphorical title is also given. Most of the time, the author writes a search engine-friendly and generally readable topic.

For good writing

১. Desire-unwillingness
Writing is born out of one's own interest. It turned out that writing was more than just a need to share some of your own views and ideas. However, not all writing will be worth publishing.

2. Your Project:
This technique is very good for technical writers. Designers or developers can begin writing their own style by collecting continuous images of their work. How this is done… This kind of writing is easy for the author, because the author himself made the work possible.

৩. In exchange for money:
Freelance writers are often assigned topics. Only then can danger occur. Writing what you do not know yourself can be called rewriting. In that case you have to read at least 8/ 10th articles by searching the web. After that Bayer has to write for the demand. Now the thing is that writing in exchange for money is bad? My point is that the price of any creation on earth should not be determined by monetary value. The monetary value of what the author writes cannot be determined. Many of us are busy with many kinds of work, there is money in exchange for time. And if I spend it on writing, there are some benefits.

  • Your writing quality will be better day by day. Many writers will find a comparable picture of their own writing with the quality of the writing, so more awareness will be created. And as it has a relation with money, there will be a different deal to the writing. Moreover, after publishing the article, discussion and criticism will be useful for subsequent writing.
  • There is a lot to read when you write. From an environment based on merit, the author combines his writing materials. And my interest in reading increases a lot. Many people of large sizes can get very close by reading this article.
  • Getting money and financially benefiting
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