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In keeping with the era, many are now choosing photography as a profession. As there is joy in this profession, there is honor. One of the main photography tools is a DSLR and the accompanying lens. There are many types of lenses again. The topic of today's article is what kind of lens is required for any kind of photography. From the ultra-wide to the ultra-long lenses, the whole focal range of lenses is very likely to fall into your trap. Instead of the wrong approach, decide what kind of pictures you want to shoot, then choose the lens that best fits that type of photography.

Different lenses for different photography:

১. Telephoto zoom lens

Most manufacturers manufacture a telephoto zoom lens with kit lens as a companion to build quality and affordable prices. It usually has a range of 55-200mm. A telephoto lens lets you capture things that are too far apart. However, due to their long focal length, their field depth is very low. Usually this is the best choice for shooting.

2. Super zoom lens

You do not want to constantly change lenses while on vacation. Want to shoot easily. Don't bother changing lenses again and again. A SuperZoom lens was created for this purpose. This will help you in most situations, with focal lengths starting at 18-200mm or 18-300mm. In some cases of astrophotography, the lens may be shorter than the required length. You can use this lens for holiday shooting.

৩. Wide angle lens

If you want to capture the entirety of what is in front of your eyes, buy a wide angle lens. It is very close and captures almost the entirety of the two sides. An ideal landscape lens sensor has a main lens with a focal length of about 12mm to 18mm. For more flexibility you can consider wide zoom from 10mm to 24mm. They have the ability to fit as much of a scene in the frame without being overly distorted as a fisheye lens. The angles of the images can be slightly rounded and rounded. Of course, this is the choice of many. However, with Lightroom software you can make some changes. Many use this lens for landscape photography. Oh, it does a great job of photographing something much larger than the nearest one. Many commercial large projects can not be taken away to take pictures, in which case you can buy a wide angle lens.

৪. Prime lenses

A lens with a focal length of 60mm to 85mm and an aperture of at least F / 2.8 is called a prime lens. In fact, this lens is used for portrait portraits. We humans want to take pictures of ourselves in whole or in part. And that's it.
Prime lenses generally have a higher aperture than zooms. More light is provided when the shutter is open, which means ou will be able to get the exposure you need in light conditions without increasing your ISO or slowing down your shutter speed. This gives you the desired look for the portraits.

৫. Kit lenses

Kit lenses often come in shorter focal lengths than other types of camera lenses, ranging from 18-55mm long. Compared to other specialized lenses such as Macros (whose focal lengths range from 60 to 200 mm) and telephoto (21 to 300 mm), the focal lengths of kit lenses are very limited. Good lenses are expensive and there are many choices here. Shopping for lenses can be a bit overwhelming when you first start out - spending a few thousand dollars on a lens is not a burden when you are not sure what you like or what type of lens will best achieve it. . When you first start out, you are not only learning about photography and learning how to use your camera, but also your choices. Kit lenses are very useful in that case.

Macro Lance

It is used to take pictures of the smallest things, such as water droplets, ants' mouths or loose insects. Although rarely sold, many people who are interested in macrophotography use this lens.
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