Cellphone Tracking? How do police or hackers track your phone?

Hollywood movie fans will be watching this scene thousands of times, police track down criminals through cellphone tracking, and many criminals throw millions of money into the water after committing crimes, not to be tracked. Not only to find criminals, tracking is essential even if you lose your expensive phone. But is the police really able to find your phone, or is it possible to track the phone and reach the real criminal? Can hackers even track your phone if you want? - I'll discuss cellphone tracking in today's article and learn how to avoid tracking.

Cellphone Tracking

So what is cellphone tracking; Use some technology to find the physical location of a cellphone or potential person with a cellphone. Now why this is done; Of course to find a wanted person or to find the phone. Cell phones are so intertwined with our lives that they are used to waking up from sleep to sleeping. Big deals, as well as big crimes, now take place through cell phones. Hopefully, with cellphone tracking, many criminals are currently being arrested. However, hackers can also track you illegally, illegally access all of your phone's data, and may even harm you. So there are both advantages and disadvantages of tracking, let's go through all the steps ...

Cellphones and Cells

Cellphone Tracking, Smartphone Tracking, Mobile Tracking To better understand cellphone tracking, it is important to fully understand how a cellphone works. In our country, the only police or legal force that holds the validity of cellphone tracking. General people or you do not have the right to track any phone I want. If a suspect is suspected, a decision is made to track his cellphone. Most of the time, while tracking in our country, the police seek the help of a cell operator. And the operators agreed to help the police without hesitation. The police ask for the criminal record number call, registration name, latest location of the phone and the operator helps by providing this information. If the offender registers the SIM card using his real name and address, then it is not too late to identify him, as well as to whom he has made more calls from the criminal record of the criminal, it is possible to get information about the offender.Now the escape is to find the physical location of the offender and capture him and burn him in jail. The offender usually leaves or destroys the SIM / number at the time of the crime, but the phone is used most of the time. And if he uses that phone, it is possible to track whatever SIM or other operator's SIM he is using. First, the IMEI number of the offender's phone is taken from the phone number of the offender's police. The operator SIM you are using, your operator has a description of your phone and of course your phone has an IMEI number. You can also call IMEI number fingerprint of a phone, because wherever you make calls using your phone, your IMEI information goes there. Now the criminal will usually use a different SIM or a different operator's SIM on his phone. So no matter what simi he uses, his IMEI number will pass to that operator.Now the police will ask the different operators by calling the IMEI number of the offender's phone, asking if the IMEI phone is being used in their operator. Operators will easily provide this information to the police. If an IMEI's phone is available to an operator, then the current number used on that phone is also given to the police. And when the police get the criminals' current number, you can say that 50% of the work is done.Now the offender's cellphone tries to get his current location. When you turn the phone on, your phone tries to connect to your SIM cell, to receive a signal. Your phone receives signals from many towers or cells at once, but the closest and strongest signals are connected to the available cell. Your operator will be able to easily tell you that your phone is currently connected to a cell tower located in their location. If you have ever used a Teletalk SIM before, you must be aware that the phone displays the location of the tower, yet I do not know if this system exists. However, it is possible to estimate the user's phone signal quality and its location with information from more nearby towers. The signal is not taken from the total three towers around the offender, and the location is plotted by imagining drawing a triangle on the signal. Although it is not possible to know the correct location of 100% in this method, a good idea goes.Now you may be wondering, if the phone is in a criminal airplane mood? - To inform you, the cellphone operating system has two aspects, one that connects to your phone and network, and the other to your phone's user interface. As long as you look at the user interface, your phone is in airplane mode, but your phone still receives pings from the network. And even if you want a network, you can get important location information from the phone. And when the phone is on, Force 2G is turned on, because encryption is very weak in 2G so the police can get more information from that phone.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking on your phone is a lot more helpful when it comes to cellphone tracking. If the perpetrator uses a smartphone and has GPS installed on it, the task of the police becomes much easier. With GPS, it is possible to get the location of the phone without contacting the cell operator. Police have some system setup through which they track location with access to the phone's GPS. But the police in different countries have adopted GPS tracking using different methods. Big countries have direct satellite access, so they can easily access information, the phone is receiving signals from just a GPS satellite. The police in our country usually do GPS tracking in two ways.

First, if the perpetrator's phone is a smartphone, then it will probably be Android, then the police try to gain access to the Gmail ID that is logged in. Because Google saves your phone's location history. There is also an option to track the phone on Google again. So, once you have control over your Google account, cellphone tracking becomes easier.If it is not possible to bring Google account under control, then the cell operator is contacted again. Each GPS wallet phone has another option known as A-GPS. Suppose you are in a place where there are not enough GPS satellites to optimize your location, then your phone takes the help of A-GPS. A-GPS is basically your mobile operator providing this service to optimize your GPS location. As a result, your operator also has your location information. And the more you use the latest cellphone technology, the faster it will be possible to track you. For example, if you use 3G, you can find the exact location. Again, if the criminal's phone's MAC address is somehow found by the police, he will also open his location by visiting a website.

Hacker Attack

So far I have talked about the police and the criminals. But you may also be tracking the phone of ordinary people like me. Now you or me are not criminals, but criminal hackers can track your phone to destroy your privacy. Not only your phone track, but also your phone call record, messages, contact list, email, bank account, online account, etc. can take everything under their control and you will not get any attention.Hackers basically trick you into installing malware on your phone; This type of malware is also called spyware. These programs are designed so that it can work hidden in your phone's system and make all your information accessible to hackers. The hacker can physically inject the malware on your phone by emailing you, from the website, making a call, or by the hacker himself. Again you downloaded an app for another purpose, but it might be stealing your data.Spyware apps are valid on the one hand, when parents are tracking their children's cellphone activity to know about them. There is a lot of software that is designed specifically for parents. But hackers use this matter for bad. They may collect your information and blackmail you.

How to avoid cellphone tracking?

Here I will not share any survival tips about the police and the criminals, as I have no place for the criminal. However, if you are a normal person and want to avoid hacking cables and cellphone tracking, then this section of the article may work for you.First of all; Use a security lock on your phone, also known as a lock screen lock. Someone near you may have installed malware on your phone to track your phone. Secondly; Never root your phone, as such apps often demand root access on the phone to work. Thirdly; Do not open any unwanted mail or messages and do not click on any links or attachments with them. Before opening the mail, be sure to check if it was coming to you. Do not trust any fraudulent offer wallet mail. Fourthly; Avoid downloading an app from sources other than the Google Play Store, you can use the Amazon Store, but before using any App Store, verify how popular it is. Fifth; Before installing the app on the phone or checking the permissions of the installed apps, check to see if the permissions have been obscured. Suppose you have downloaded a photo editor app, then the photo editor app usually wants permission for the camera, mic, files of the phone. But if the app is asking for permissions such as messages, emails, contacts, then it is better not to use the app, but instead you can find other alternative apps.Once the malware is entered into your phone, the hacker will still be able to access your phone even if you turn it off. There is also malware called Phone On / On Hijack. However, to ensure maximum security, apply the intelligence below and keep the security practices current.And if you are a criminal and if you have a police or FBI behind you, then your forehead is really bad. You have to get caught today and tomorrow, so ask your conscience before committing a crime, and stay away from crime.
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