How smartphones are changing our world

One thing you have thought about today is that 10 years from today, Agassamt phone no one knew. But now we see the popularity of this smart phone has increased so much throughout the world, including our country, that the use of this smartphone from young children to old people is showing interest. When there was no smart phone before, we had to spend a lot of money for a photo job, but we had to waste a lot of time and still not get the desired results. The benefits of smartphones in our early life cannot be overstated, as many of you know, but I say a little. Smartphone

Benefits: -

The role of mobile smartphones is important to improve the quality of our lives. Which is to say that it is not possible to finish. To send someone a picture from one jigsaw to another jiga before me would have cost a lot of money. But for the sake of being a smart phone, we are sending low cost and low cost from one end of the country to the other. We can also see and talk to people from that side of the country through this smartphone. The smartphone is also called a small computer, which, as a result, those who are able to buy the computer are getting the services of the computer through the smartphone. Also movies and songs can be heard by smartphones without any problem. And this smartphone uses the full speed of the Internet, which can be accessed on any phone from any country and shows movies, songs, and plays from the Internet. Smartphone can transfer data from one smartphone to another at a fast pace that is not possible at any other phone. Smartphone supports a lot of good high quality games that can be played but also have a lot of leisure time and young kids have a lot of fun playing this game. The smartphone contributes a lot to improving our lifestyle. Smartphone

Disadvantages: -

Anything that has the benefit of tar has some kind of harm, like: - If a simple knife is near a robber, then the door is shattered. Again, if the knife is with the doctor, then the doctor is treating the sick patient with that knife as well, just as if we use a smart phone for good, then we will all benefit. There will be dullness in the body as the eyes become dull. Talking too much earphones to listen to music by listening to music can also lead to many more problems that are not good for our body, so we have to use them in a quantitative way and always use good deeds and not forget about bad things. I can stay healthy and get good benefits of the smartphone. Good luck to everyone. See you again. Apheja.
Mehedi Hasan

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