That 25 habits do not result in proper sleep

Due to various workloads and important next day schedules, there may be no sleep at night. But some people regularly get less sleep. In some cases, if one sleeps at night, no more sleep.It does not matter if you suddenly fall asleep two days in a row, but those who do not get enough sleep need to look at the following habits. If these habits are eliminated, it is expected that good sleep will occur.

১. Get coffee after dinner:
Coffee cannot be consumed after dinner and before going to bed. Caffeine is often unchanged in the body and its effects remain.Studies have shown that people who drink coffee at night do not have deep sleep. They are not so well fed the next day, even after long periods of sleep.

Coffee should be consumed at least five hours before bedtime.

2. Mobile devices in bed
We often think that one of the things we will fall asleep in reading on mobile. Even though there is no sleep, the mobile is not in your hands so that you can sleep. The reality is different. Mobile use before sleep is harmful to sleep.Mobile lighting is harmful to sleep. Mobile content must be stopped at least 4 hours before sleep. If you want to read or view content on a mobile phone, the light should be lowered.

৩. Night labor:
You should not do any hard work or exercise before going to bed. Light exercise or Hathati is good. If you work too much blood flow, it will take a long time for sleep. At least three hours before a hard workout or difficult exercise should be done. Before going to bed, a light exercise can be done.

৪. Get an energy drink or alcohol:
Drinking at the moment of sleep can often lead to sleep apnea. Many sleep after. That doesn't mean it's good for sleep. This will worsen the overall sleep pattern. If you wake up at night you will find that there is no sleep. If you do not drink again another time, you will not sleep well.

৫. Eat immediately before bedtime
If you eat before you go to sleep, the body has to perform maturation while sleeping. The body is very busy. Dinner should be kept in something that is slowly maturing. Excessive sugar and fat accumulation in the body if you sleep too much at night.

৬. Getting to bed with a lot of work:
A lot of trouble but sleep is not easy. It is harmful to sleep at different times, with or without some part of many tasks. Doctors recommend scheduling specific sleep times.

৭. Sleeping pills:
Sleep medicine works well in the beginning. But it doesn't work right afterwards. The problem is not here, even though sleep through sleeping pills, the body is not as active the next day. And without the doctor's advice, sleep medicine cannot be taken.In temporary insomnia, the doctor may occasionally give sleeping pills, but this cannot be done regularly.

৮. Wanted to work until the last minute:
Many give more importance to work and less to sleep. Many do not even plan to sleep until the work is done. But what are the consequences? Could not wake up the next day at work. The next day, he could not even give a full mind to work. Once again, the work is over - this time, but the sleep is not coming.Therefore, sleep should be given importance in one's own and work's needs.

৯. Going to sleep without trying to sleep:
Trying to go to bed right? Wondering whether your sleep is a disease? Or reading a book for sleep or something? It is harmful.Give the body its salvation. Never sleep a little late. Try going to bed at certain times and getting up at the same time.

১০. Do not maintain a comfortable environment
Outside maybe playing music. Enough light in the room. Dirty and unhealthy environment. In that case you may be trying to sleep. There is nothing to blame for not sleeping. You need to ensure a comfortable environment for yourself.

১১. Sleep or sleep during the day
If you are awake at night, the day may consume a lot of relaxation or sleepiness. Many relax for a while in the habitual afternoon. Sleeping in a chair or on the sofa or somewhere lapsing into a beautiful night's sleep. If you have a physical problem, you should see a doctor.

12. Making the house an entertainment center:
Many turn his sleeping room into a center of entertainment. Television, computer, telecommunication, etc. are common in equipment. As a result, after watching the TV or playing something, the sleep is not given importance. And if you try to do this regularly, you will not get enough sleep.

১৩. Smoking before going to bed
Smoking is always abusive. Smoking is just as anti-sleep as coffee and alcohol before bedtime. Nicotine is a mild intoxication that makes you want to wake up at night to smoke. Smoking should be stopped at least five hours before bedtime if you cannot quit smoking at all.

১৪. Not going to sleep at the same time:
The body follows the habit. Like irregular eating disorders, such as diarrhea, it is not possible to sleep at the same time. We usually want to wake up at the same time, if not sleep at the same time. If you wake up early the next day after falling asleep for many nights, your sleep goes from insufficiency.Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. There is a lot of time so sleep a little longer today, sleep less tomorrow - don't do that.

১৫. Sleep more at the end of the week:
It is a regular practice of many people that they do not get much sleep on weekends. But like the previous point, it also makes your sleeping bike irregular.

১৬. Workload:
Many are currently unemployed. The number of unemployed will increase day by day. On the other hand, those who work will have a lot of pressure. Some managerial tasks cause many human misery, many do not even realize that the human problem has been due to his job or business. Doctors have identified the type of office hours as the cause of many diseases. And for this, many do not sleep properly, many wake up at night, so that their sleep cycle is not good. So if you need to change the type of job or business or relieve yourself of your work to others.You are hurting yourself on the one hand by doing many things - many are suffering from depression from depression to depression! Not weird?

১৭. Get tea:
Tea has a lot of caffeine that keeps you sane. The point of coffee can be said exactly here. It is better not to drink tea after dusk. If you absolutely love tea, drink herbal tea.

১৮. Chocolate
Mm type / black chocolate is useful in some cases. However, before going to bed at night, this chocolate works just like tea and coffee, because chocolate contains a lot of caffeine.Most of Bangladesh's chocolates contain various harmful chemicals.

১৯. Fried burger:
Meals like puree, shrimp or chicken fries, etc., do not sleep at night before bedtime. If you eat this kind of food at night, you should eat it two hours before. Can't sleep when it's absolutely full.

20. The problem is raised before sleep
Discussing a disturbing topic can increase body tension. May increase blood circulation. The fruit will take a while to sleep. To get the body ready for sleep, it requires good standing.

21. Not getting enough sunlight in the morning:
The body is good for the body so that the morning sunlight arrives at home and you can wake up. Instead of the alarm of the phone, the body is slowly waking up to wake up through the sunlight. Many people put a screen in the window so that the morning sun does not wake up - but put the phone on the alarm. The phone alarms sound so fast and the alarm has to be activated so fast that it is actually harmful. It is good to wake up slowly.

22. Vitamin D
Most of the time those who are in the house or in the office and always in the car They may have trouble sleeping without going to sunlight. Lack of vitamin D can cause sleep problems. The sun should be at least 30 to 45 minutes a day. However, it is better in the morning or afternoon sun. Afternoon sunshine can cause damage to the skin.

23. Walking and Exercise:
Sleep problems can occur if you do not work or exercise regularly.

24. Eat and snack irregularly at night
Regularly eating dinner or occasionally getting up at night can also cause late sleep. But it is not harmful to get a good sleep - it is good to sleep with warm water at night - as the study suggests. Maybe this is because the temperature rises and then decreases.

26. Being alone for too long:
If you have a lot of time alone, physical activity is less. Anxiety and depression can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to wake up at night and sleep.

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