Why read Bengali magazine? Keep reading to find out

In the modern age, no one wants to be left behind, everyone wants to run to the front. Bangladesh's database is not behind the current trend. If you think about 20 years from today, you will understand how the information was then. The people we live in depended on the radio, the television or the magazine. I used to see that the magazines used to come for the evening That is, the news would be like a whole flute meal.

Newspapers are a powerful media for any country. The magazine is the first mass media in the history of the world. What was first introduced in China, with the change of time, is now spread all over the world. In our country there are 2019 magazines locally, nationally and online, many of which are unknown. However, many are likely to be excluded by the government's registration in the 21st. There are many magazines that promote a different situation by spreading false and baseless news.

When we read these magazines, we have to find different ways in Google, which is quite troubling.

But I found the solution again that day. A friend of mine said that all the magazines in Bangladesh are now available in one instant. I am surprised to hear, how possible? Then he showed me an Android app called Bengali Newspaper. Immediately install the Elahi shoots! Then I wondered where the information was going, and where to stop.

Etienne Bangla is the first dish-based TV channel in Bangladesh, which started airing on July 15, 1997. And now the only Bengali TV channels to leave the dish. In Bangladesh, there are more than 2019 TV channels in Bangladesh. Some of it is new that is awaiting broadcast.

Where there was1964 only one television channel in Bangladesh, we can see 45 channels and more today. Where we have been and where we have pushed our information forward.

The first state-owned Bangladesh Wireless began broadcasting in Bangladesh on December 4,1939 and from Old Dhaka. Later the center was shifted to Shahbag.

And now the number of fm radios is 22 and more The number of community radios is not less than 15 except. Maybe the number of radio channels will increase as the population of Bangladesh.

Internet, Facebook and YouTube
However, the Internet, Facebook and YouTube have been added again. The news of the moment is available momentarily through all of this

Now the biggest media in Bangladesh is facebook which goes without saying. I think about 10 million people in Bangladesh use Facebook. YouTube is the place to go after Facebook. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't spend hours every day on YouTube.

At present, no information is kept secret in this huge media table. Whoever is trying to spread that way. I would say that every person is a powerful media right now.

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