The use of bio-plastics can make the world beautiful

Plastic is very popular because of its many durable and durable prices. Look at the plastic sticks. Packages of furniture, furniture, electronics and markets and various products are made of plastic.

Plastic decomposition may take 60 to 400 years for the type to penetrate into nature. And the amount of plastic is increasing day by day. The fertility of the land is reduced due to the use of plastic - the water is not able to move. The dirt cannot decompose and mix with nature. Plastic and micro plastics are eating fish and animals in the river and sea. One of the worst natural problems is plastic.

Bioplastic may be the solution to this problem. Keep reading the whole article, hopefully you will find hope.

What is bioplastic?
Bio-plastic is not actually plastic. Plastic products can be made through various types of natural materials that will work just like prosthetics but will soon be mixed with nature.

Benefits of using bio-plastic

  • The carbon dioxide on earth will help reduce growth.
  • Production will require less volume and electricity so it will save energy.
  • When mixed with the soil, it will increase the fertility of the soil; 
  • plastic will not cause problems in the drainage because it is very easily mixed with nature.
  • If the food packet is bioplastic, the quality will be good.
Different types of bio-plastic:

Bioplastic is made of different types of material. Which can be eaten and act as a food element in our body. Which is again mixed in the presence of water, which is water proof.

১. Starch based: About 50% of bioplastic is produced from starch. This is called the thermo-plastical starch. Starch based bio-plastics are manufactured in a mixture of various components such as Polylactic acid, Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate, Polybutylene Succinate, Polycaprolactone, and Polyhydroxyalkanoates.

2. Cellulose: Cellulose bio-plastic can be made by mixing starch with materials that can easily hold water and air. Being transparent, different packets can be created. Can be easily converted into compost.

৩. Proteins: Proteins such as soy or wheat can also be made from various light boxes. Of course, protein absorbs water, so they have to be used in such a way that it needs a touch of water.

৪. Jute: Researchers in Bangladesh make golden bags from jute which will be easily mixed in the ground.

Hey there are various studies trying to protect the earth from plastic damage. It is expected that bio-plastics will be released in polythene space soon.
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