17 medical information about coastline and piles

Cost hardness is one of the causes of irregular eating and living disorders. Vegetables and vegetables are rarely eaten in restaurants and hotel cooks without being with family. Fish and meat are consumed more. Those who eat lunch with fast food, those who participate in many parties are also eating meat too much. As a result the closet is tightened. The initial stage of getting piles disease is to have a tight closet and have difficulty getting to the closet.

১. Coast constipation is not horses or piles (hemorrhoids)Not 
eating fried foods or drinking less water or for various reasons, the closet can be tight and after a long time it may be in the closet or it may be difficult to get to the closet. Sometimes, or in a tight closet, blood may not even come out of the closet. This is called the Coast Hardness.

Continuous bleeding can sometimes lead to small tubes coming in or out of the closet. This stage is called horses or piles or hemorrhoids. Generally, the problem of constipation can be solved by changing the habits.

2. Horse disease increases with age and weight gain
A high prevalence of this disease may occur after the age of 45 years. About half of the rubies are seen after this age. This has been observed in overweight individuals.

৩. Coast may be difficult to get in a pregnant state:
The coast can be difficult to get in a pregnant state. Growing up in the stomach can sometimes be a cost to the closet. And most of the time this problem is temporary. The good news is that mothers and children will not have problems if the coast is hardened. The doctor says to drink plenty of water.

৪. Eat more leafy vegetables
Eating more vegetables and vegetables should be given priority. Large portions of vegetables and vegetables are dispersed from the body and contain much water. Keeping some amount of vegetables or vegetables in each meal will reduce the cost of the coast.

৫. Horse disease can occur if sitting too long
If sitting too long, the risk of developing the disease increases. This can happen even if you are sitting in the closet for a long time. Too much time working in an office chair can be a horse for people. Sometimes it is too late to go to the toilet or busy because of the stress of going to the toilet.

৬. Heavy things can happen
Coastline of people carrying heavy items can be difficult.

৭. Horse may be due to genetic reasons
The child may have a child if the parent or mother's coast becomes difficult. Children should be cautious of their child's age and adjust their diet if the parents have genetic reasons for the hardship of the coast.

৮. Isab Gul's husk
Isubules contain adequate amounts of amino acids and fats, which are great for relieving constipation. You have to eat after eating three times daily to relieve distress. The husk of the isobagul should be mixed with a spoon in a little water and consumed immediately. Cannot be soaked.If wet, the husk will not have the functionality of the husk. The husk will mix with the food and absorb the food and soften the stool.

৯. Fruit-root eating habits:
Breakfast can be kept with banana or any fruit. It should be practiced in the afternoon and afternoon. We usually like spicy or fried burgers for breakfast. Each meal should have either fruit or vegetable menu. Note that fruit juice is excluded from the ash so it will take more ash if you do not eat juice directly.

১০. Eat more vegetables by eating more meat
Eat more vegetables or eat fruit on the day you cook cooked food at any occasion or at home. This increases the probability that the coast will not harden. And those who already have coastal hardship should eat a small amount of meat, as well as foods rich in vegetables, vegetables or ash.

১১. Grab the closet and go
Many are late to the closet and urine. In the closet after a long period of time, there is a lot of velocity at the same time and excess pressure can be applied to the lower extremities and blood can be released from the wound.

12. Hathahati
Regularly doing lots of hatsahi is useful for various reasons. I can see that I made a list of the 25 benefits of Hatter. Regular hathaha helps reduce coast hardship. Maintains blood flow to the body and levels of various hormones and digestive tract so that the stool is soft. Don't put too much pressure on your part.

১৩. Do light exercises
Light exercise reduces the probability of Coast Difficulty.

১৪. Eat beans and nuts
There are 100 grams of fiber per 16 grams of seam. Nuts

১৫. Eat enough water
Not playing enough water increases the chance of coast hardening.

১৬. May have to perform the operation at any time

১৭. List of foods containing ash
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