African elephants

Elephants are the largest terrestrial animals in the world. The elephant species is again the largest African elephant. They are slightly larger than Asian elephants and can be distinguished from other elephant species for their relatively large ears. Elephants on the continent of Asia are generally small in size and their ears are round.

The elephant in Africa

Elephants' ears keep cool from protecting two large bodies from radiation heat rays. But sometimes the heat in Africa is very intense.Elephants are usually very watery, they suck water through their pores and sprinkle it all over the body. Often afterwards they skin them

Spray on a protected dust cover.The elephant is used to smell, breathe, breathe, drink water, get food, and catch something with its long tail. This bull is made 2 types of muscle. There are two African elephant teeth behind the bull.There are legends of both elephants, both male and female, that are used by some for excavation. Male elephants use it when fighting each other. Elephant legends call for violence in humans.

Because of the value of ivory to some people. Many elephants have been killed for the teeth. This business is illegal nowadays. But it has not yet been completely eradicated. As a result, some African elephants are on the verge of extinction today.Elephant grasshopper. Generally, they eat tree roots, grass, fruit and tree bark. An elderly elephant can consume up to 5 kilograms of food a day.Elephants cannot sleep well when hungry. They wander far and wide to find and collect food and eat it and save their massive bodies.Wife elephants surround their baby elephant. But male elephants like to roam around like themselves.

A baby elephant carries many responsibilities. The elephant pregnancy is 22 months, which is the longest in the animal kingdom. At birth, an elephant weighs 91 kg and  feet tall (1 meters).

African elephants are not as easy to pet as Asian elephants. Elephants of this species are found in sub-Saharan Africa and in the rain forests of Central and West Africa.

They are found in the Sehle Desert of Mali, on the north side of the continent of Africa. Elephants of Mali's small voyage roam the desert in search of water.The life span of an elephant but not too long is only 60-70 years.
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