Blue bird

Blue Bird is a medium sized bird of the Cilia tribe. They are known as the singing birds of America. There are 3 species of blue birds. In the east, in the western countries and in the mountains, these different species live.

The species in the east have brown feathers on their chests with blue feathers that are in contrast with their blue feathers.
Another species of them is pure blue which lives on the mountain.Blue birds are very dear to everyone for their beautiful colors and aroma. Their song sounds a lot like "Knife-Lee, Knife-Lee".
These birds of the mountain are 7000 feet above North America.They are 6.5 to 8.5 inches. Weight from 24 grams to 31 grams.Bluebirds usually eat small fruits, insects and spiders that live on top. This bird can sit on top and touch an object and take it from the ground to take a peek.
In the spring and summer seasons they form a bowl-shaped round nest when they are small. The female birds can hatch from 4 to 5 eggs and in about 2 weeks the eggs hatch. Children grow up under the care of parents.Blue birds give babies 2 times a year. When food becomes scarce during many cold periods, the mountain's blue birds come down.Blue birds are not very rare, but their numbers have decreased greatly in the present century compared to the last century.They usually live for 8 to 10 years.
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