PowerPoint 17 Tricks That Will Make You PowerPoint Master

After tuning in to TechTunes with Microsoft Excel, Word Extensive Tips and Tricks, I brought you 17 PowerPoint tips and tricks you may not know and you can become a PowerPoint master by knowing these!

PowerPoint is used primarily for presentation in office work. Especially when making a presentation on a topic in a meeting, you need to get the help of PowerPoint. We also see the use of this powerpoint as an alternative to blackboards in school colleges in the developed world. Currently, at least 3 billion people worldwide are using Microsoft PowerPoint every day. Most of these 1 million people don't fully know how to use PowerPoint. Hmmm, nothing is 100% correct in this world. Today, however, I have come up with 17 Exclusive Tips and Tricks from Microsoft PowerPoint that if you follow correctly, you can become a PowerPoint guru! So let's go straight to the tune without saying a word:

1) Start the presentation directly.
What do you see in the beginning when looking at a presentation? You see the desktop from which the presentation will be presented, look at the icons of many programs, then see the presentation file being launched, and after the PowerPoint program was launched, you started seeing the presentation you wanted. They are a lot of trouble and at the same time a matter of time.You can easily get rid of it and shorten both time and trouble. That's why you need to replace the PowerPoint file extension with the name PPS or PPSX. Double-clicking on this file will take it directly to the PowerPoint slideshow where PowerPoint previously moved to edit mode.If you have not already known these tips, you can try them out right away. However this will not work with an empty PowerPoint file, in which case a full slide PowerPoint file will be required.

2) Attention!
When you present a presentation in a meeting or in front of an audience with PowerPoint, one thing to keep in mind is that PowerPoint slides are more likely to attract the viewer's attention than the speech of the speaker. But in some areas of presentation, there are times when you need more than a slide to draw attention to the speaker. Then when you press the B button on the keyboard, the screen will turn black or the W button will turn the screen completely white. The viewer's attention will then go to the speaker. If you want to get out of here, you can do this by clicking a mouse or pressing any other button. It's a great technique to draw the viewer's attention to yourself!

3) Avoid bullet list.
Stop presenting sections of a topic or anything else with bullet points in a presentation at PowerPoint. In this case you can see Steve Jobs or Tim Cook's presentations. In the present era, the smart way is to present sections in the same way without using bullet points. The focus will be more on the text than the bullet line. However, in other cases, use bullet points in place but not in PowerPoint presentation!

4) Take screenshots easily.
If your presentation is completely distracting depending on your PC screen Demonstrate, then there is no better way than a screenshot. And you can easily take a screenshot with Microsoft PowerPoint. For this, go to the Insert tab and click the Screenshot icon. Now you can see screenshots of all your currently running windows.

5) Empty canvas!
Normally when launching a new PowerPoint document you will see a slide presentation that is already turned on. This feature is not liked by many. However, if you want, you can simply launch your PowerPoint document with Blank Canvas. Therefore, when the PowerPoint is on, go to New Command and select the Blank Presentation option.

6) Selection pan
Go to the Home tab and go to the Editing section and from the Select> Selection Pane. It will be on the right side of your PowerPoint, but you can drag it to the left side if you want. Keep this pane on while working on PowerPoint as it will greatly improve your working time. It is not possible to define the scope of this type by actually typing it here. You have to try and understand it. For example, if a picture has Behind the text while doing it, then you can quickly bring it over the text and so on.

7) Import pictures from Flickr, OneNote.
You can easily import pictures directly from Microsoft Media into PowerPoint directly from online media like Flickr, OneNote, OneDrive, Facebook and so on. For that go to Insert tab and go to the Online Pictures option and here you will find that there are many online media options. If you are already logged in to these online media, you will go directly to the online media gallery and from there you can import pictures directly into Microsoft PowerPoint.

8) Use the grid and ruler

Working on line-by-line mapping in PowerPoint presentations is easier than most Microsoft applications, but if you want to use the grid and ruler in a visual way, you need to bring it up. Because Microsoft PowerPoint does not have these two options turned on by default. Right-click on a vacant area of a slide and from there you will find an option for grids and rulers and by ticking it you can activate the option of your choice. You can drag the lines by dragging the mouse cursor over these grid and ruler lines.

9) Animate the charts.
At Microsoft PowerPoint you can use the same graphics chart as Excel. For that go to Insert tab and click on Chart option, here you will find various chart samples. After inserting the desired sample, click on the Animations tab to add the animation there. From there, turn on the Animations Pane. Now click on Add Animation. From there, select the animated effect.

10) Easy preview.
When working on Microsoft PowerPoint we have to look at this preview several times before finalizing a presentation. And we have to click on the slideshow every time to see it in the preview. But if you want, you can preview the presentations in a much simpler way. For this you have to use Reading View. You will find the Reading View option in the View tab. Clicking on the reading view will take you to the full screen view from which you can view the presentation as a preview.

11) Use Kiosk
There is a Kiosk Mode for presenting presentations at Microsoft PowerPoint. This Kiosk mode is a repeated occurrence of a presentation. This means that a presentation does not end without starting from the beginning again without touching any human hand. This kind of presentation mode will get you presentations in front of a market or in a stock market. Click on the Slide Show tab if you would like to use this Kiosk in your presentation. A dialog box will appear, from there, click on Browsed at kiosk to set up kiosk. And if you want to get out of the kiosk mode of presentation, press Esc key.

12) Video output.
Just like Kiosk, you will get another option on Microsoft PowerPoint that will play again and again. And to do that you can convert the entire presentation file to a video file. This type of video file will be created within each slide using the Transition Times you create. You can also add audio and animations to the video file. When saving the video file in WMA or MP4 format, you should have no problem playing the video file in any media player.

13) Advanced audio
You can easily add audio to Microsoft PowerPoint. For this, you have to select the Audio option from the Insert tab. Then you can edit the audio along with the slide.Usually if you add a big song to the presentation you will find that the song does not play on each slide and the song will start again on each slide. After adding an audio song to get rid of this problem, click on the Speaker icon, which will have an audio tool above. From there, click on the Playback tab. Once you select Play Across Slides from the Start section, the audio file will continue to go through your slides continuously.

14) Duplicate instead of copyist
At Microsoft Point, you use the Ctlr + C and Ctrl-V commands to copy the slides to another slide element or to the slide. But the easiest way is to duplicate. Holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on a subject will only duplicate the subject! Which is easier than copy paste and saves both time and labor. It will automatically set all settings when duplicating a slide.

15) You can animate everything.
Did you know that you can bring almost all elements of a PowerPoint slide into animation and even take each element into a separate animation slide? To do this, you must first select the contents of the slide. Then go to the Animations tab, from which the animation gallery will be presented to you. When you click the More button below, it will show you thousands of animation samples online.While Microsoft PowerPoint can animate all the elements on the slide, not everything is animated at all. So before you apply the animation, consider what you are presenting in the presentation and whether the animation fits in it.

16) Combining different shapes.
At Microsoft PowerPoint, you can add your pre-made shapes to the presentation slide you need from the many pre-made shapes that you have already created. But if you want to combine two or more shapes together, you can make your own unique shape!For that, bring multiple shapes to slide and then select all the objects, go to the Drawing Tools> Format tab and use the Merger Shapes menu as you like. Not only does this tool work with Shape, it also works with Tex. With this you will be able to choose a picture in Shape, make a picture or text in Shape! If you do not already know these fun tips, you can try it now.

17) Picture Background Remover!
We use Photoshop to do common tasks. However, you can easily delete a picture background on Microsoft PowerPoint.This is why import a picture on the slide first. Then select the picture and go to the Picture Tools> Format tab and click on the Remove Backgroud option. This time, a ping collar will appear on the back of your selected picture. This will erase whatever powerpoint is in the ping collar. You can select the range of colors of this ping color.So here are some Excel tips and tricks for Microsoft PowerPoint after Excel. If you use them properly, you will become a great user of PowerPoint! Anyway, today I come. Tomorrow I will come to the gamewala with another topic in your favorite Bangla Technology Blog TechTunes! If you have any other comments, you can let me know in the tweet box below! Thanks for reading the tune.

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