The blue whale

The largest animal in the world is the blue whale. The marine is more than 100feet in height and weighs 200 tons or 181 metric tons. Blue whales usually eat a very small type of shrimp named 'krill'. A full-grown whale can digest 4 tonnes of krill a day. Blue whales are called "Balin whales". Balin is a sprinkling dish that is inside the mouth.

The blue whale

These giant creatures first consume a lot of water, expand their crushed skin, and take it to their necks and stomachs. Then the whale pressed his massive tongue into the water and pressed the ballin plate upward. Thousands of these are consumed krill. The blue shows the teal blue under the sea water, but in reality they look gray blue. Numerous germs are located beneath their stomachs for which the body part of the whale is yellowish. The blue whale has a wide flat brain. Their long body will be a small lid that has been abruptly terminated in a triangle.There are blue whales in all the oceans in the South and North Oceans, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean.

The blue whale

Blue whales usually roam alone or in pairs. They swim in small groups. During the summer they often spend time feeding the polar regions. In winter they live in the equatorial region. They can swim 8 km an hour. But when excited, they can swim at 32km an hour!

Blue whales can make very loud noises that are impossible for any other creature on earth. They can exchange ideas with each other at a distance of 1600 km. The whale is a fish but does not give birth to a baby like an animal.They live longer than the life expectancy of people, their average lifespan is 80-90 years.
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