The eye 5 exercises

Many of our neighborhoods have eye problems. Doesn't look like good. It does not look as though it is about to be seen. Eye problems, cataracts, glaucoma, etc. are less common. The root cause of vision problems is aging.
Too much time staring at a computer screen or watching TV can be a pain in the eye. Too much time can be an eye problem for reading or writing.Another major problem is glaucoma. This problem can be caused by increased pressure on the eye muscles. It may or may not be a pain at all.

As you age, cataracts can become a problem.The visual problem is seen by people of all ages lately. In this case there is no proper focusing or some parts may appear blurred. In this case glasses have to be taken.You can do some exercise at home to not have eye problems. However, if there is a special eye disease, you should know if you can exercise.Above all, no medicine can be given if you have eye problems. Have to go to the doctor quickly.

Now I am referring to some exercises:

১. SecTook
a hot and a cold towel. He took a warm face. Lightly bent his hand on all four sides of the face. The four muscles of the eye, so that the muscles are heated, so that it is heated. Cover the mouth with a hot towel for three minutes. Then apply the cold towel on the face evenly.This look will refresh the muscles. It will also affect the eyes.

2. Focusing in front and away
It will strengthen your eye muscles. You sit in a chair that has walls ten to twenty feet away. If the walls are black then good. Look at a finger in your hand ten inches away. After 5 seconds he looked at the wall. This way you can exercise for three to four minutes.

৩. Zoom:
Take a pencil or pen in your hand. Look at the Hulk. Stretch your hand and bring it slowly from a distance. Bring your nose up to three inches in diameter. Do this three to four times.

৪. Looking at the light of the sun:
Most people who stay indoors or in the house most of the time may have high sensitivity. So sometimes you have to look at the high light.
Vitamin D is found in oily fish and in the liver. And is found in the sun. This does not mean you will be lying in the sun all day. You have to stay in the sun for a while. Especially in the morning sun. Outside the house, Hathati provides vitamin D.The method of this exercise is:If you have glasses or any other glass, remove it.Sit facing the sun.Sit face to face with urgency.Close your eyes Face the sun.Turn left, as far as it goes. Now open your eyes. So much will go to the left that the direct light of the sun will not be visible.Keep your eyes peeled and look at the sun. You can exercise for like 5 minutes.

৫. Palming
Suning goes the opposite. In a fairly dark room. Cover your eyes with your hands. Give light pressure. Release your hand after a while. Look at four. Do this a few times.

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