The life cycle of butterflies

Butterfly… Butterfly… Where to find a brother such a colorful fan…

 With this, feeling very beautiful and awkward can seem like the only life cycle of butterflies.

১. The adult butterfly survives only a few weeks, and during this time, it may lay eggs in a slightly dark place in a little cetacea . The blossoms turn around and die in a few weeks by causing pollen.

2. New butterflies coming out of the egg, is not it? Nor will the new butterfly emerge from the egg like a leaf. Different species of butterflies can hatch eggs by choosing the leaves of different plants. In a few weeks, the eggs hatch. Some butterflies, however, take months.

৩. The larvae eventually emerge from the eggs. When he walks in, he receives food. First he eats his cell, then starts eating the leaf that was on it. Sometimes he goes from the Adal and into the Dale. His work is eating, getting fat and storing food.

৪. This time she's grown fat and big enough. This time he will stop eating himself under the influence of a hormone. The pupa forms at the bottom of the leaf and will penetrate it by itself. This condition is called cresalis.

৫. Within the chrysalis he begins to change. It tends to become a perfect butterfly. First, the fan is short and wet. The small butterfly flies repeatedly. More blood flows. Within hours, he learned to fly.
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