The strange behavior of hiding depression

Depression is more than ordinary grief or sadness. Persistent depression is a human condition for many. Identifying Depressed People A number of strange behaviors can be observed to make the fat appear normal, even without the complexity. Below is a list of some strange behaviors that led to depression -

১. Depressed people can do creative work. In depression, his mind is constantly devoted to one task without breaking apart. It is worth noting.

2. Many times it is defensive behavior. He will be reluctant to inform her or to suggest any behavior.

৩. He wants to hide his depression by not letting anyone get too close and mixing. Maybe after mixing with one or two, it still hides some things. This behavior, however, is harmful to him.

৪. Depressed people eat too much or eat less. Eat more sweet or spicy things. This behavior of food makes him even more depressed.

৫. Too little sleep or too much. The body does not understand what to do for it. Adequate sleep helps reduce depression.

৬. No need to worry too much about anything and take things easy. Combining emotions with simple things takes deep research.

৭. The tendency to do it yourself can be noted. They want to do it themselves, rather than doing something else or working for a team.

৮. The level of desire is very low. If you can pass any kind of thing.

৯. The same thing can be done consistently. Sometimes the continuity of doing everything at the same time as a robot is seen.

১০. There are a lot of things to hide when it comes to storytelling. Nobody says anything or hides something.

১১. He looks for someone who will tell him he is doing well. Maybe a woman is depressed and has decided that she will never get married again - she wants to find a man who supports her.

12. Depressed people are afraid to speak with their eyes.
I remember thinking about Hathahati, exercise and outdoor activity, which are great for relieving depression.
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