XNA-artificial DNA innovation!

Your DNA carries all the genetic instructions for all the cells inside my body. Each part of our body, such as hair color, height, voice, etc., carries different properties of DNA in different ways, carrying them from one generation to the next. In this case, the DNA cells begin to divide completely, from one to two cells, to two to four. Thus, a complete organism is created! . In recent studies, scientists have created artificial genetic or hereditary container and carrier molecules that can carry information similar to natural carriers and carriers. The new molecule is named by the scientists XNA. Which is similar to DNA and RNA but there is little difference in composition.

Some information about DNA and RNA:
DNA is a long bi-forming digested chemical that is made up of deoxyribose sugar, inorganic phosphate molecules and a base molecule or alkali. There are 3 alkali's of DNA. Adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, or abbreviated as A, T, G, C.

RNA is a repeat of the same type of unit, composed of ribose sugar, 3 types of nitrogen base and phosphate. The main difference between RNA and DNA is in sugar. -Doxyribose is used in DNA while ribose sugar is used in RNA. For the purpose of studying the genetic code, the cells duplicate some of the DNA in the nucleic acid RNA. The cell then reads RNA and produces protein molecules, which perform important functions in the body.

Xeno nucleic acid or XNA is a molecule similar to DNA and RNA. But the researchers made a significant difference. They did not use sugar like DNA and RNA in XNA instead they replaced different molecules.The researcher team produces six types of XNA, each replacing DNA and RNA with another containing deoxyribose or ribose.

Scientists think the evolution of genes is important.They invented XNA as a simple evolutionary experiment. They mix XNA molecules with all other similarities and choose those XNAs that are most closely linked to other types of similarities. Researchers then copy all the XNAs into duplicate, repeating this process with different duplicates for some time. XNA can be seen from better to better combined with other similar. That is, it is evolving naturally.

The new study suggests that the structure of life may be possible on the basis of DNA and other similarities than RNA. "Only we know about this one example of life - that's what has been going on for 3 billion years," researcher Joyce told "Science News". He added, "But the genetic cells of animals on other planets may be different than ours."
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