8 of the most important Google SEO tips in time

Search engine optimization makes your blog / website extremely trusted by search engine. This allows your website to answer any questions visitors may have through search engines. Because on any website, visitors enter through the search engine. Currently, only 80% of people complete all their work through Google Search Engine. If you target Google Search Engine for this, you are likely to get 80% of your visitors. You need to optimize Yahoo and Bing search engine to get the remaining 20%. I'm going to write some topics on Google Search Engine today. Next day I will try to write the rest of the search engines. The main purpose of our post today is to know some important things about Google SEO and to bring visitors to our blog from Google.

The following are a few important topics of Google Search Engine Optimization:

1.Never post inaccurate posts / topics with Google Search Engine.

2.There is no way Google policy can be adopted to get a good ranking.

3.Don't expect wonderful positive results or good results at a fast pace without effort. A lot of hard work is required for good results. Google is an organization where you can optimize your website completely free of charge without paying any price. This requires your tireless work.

4.In order to get good search results, you need to follow Google's full policy. If you do not follow any of the Google policy, your site will not get good results in the search engine.

5.The search engine must explain the link in your post. For example, if you link to your post by randomly typing the link in the post, then the search engine can easily read your link.

6.Many people think that Google does not give good ranking for those websites when the website is a few days old. In fact it is a sense of complete error. Google ranking depends on the quality of your blog content. If the quality of your blog content is good then your website will get good ranking in a few days.

7.Continue your blogging with a specific topic or 1-5 topics. Most websites do not write a specific topic and write whatever they want. For example, if you are writing about web design, you write about this topic or write about it. Do not write about everything in a ha-like manner. This will not get a good ranking of your website.

8.You can do a key word research to write a good topic. By doing this, you will know about some of the keywords high level and some of the keywords are low level. This will introduce your website to a search engine with a standard website.

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