Box jellyfish

Box jellyfish (Cubozoa), those who float in the deep sea. They are the animals of the Hydrozoa class of Nidaria, the fish name but they are not animals of the "Pieces" category. They have no spine. Their bodies are very bright and transparent.

Usually a jellyfish is 3 meters in length and 25 cm in width. They weigh about 2kg. For the sake of transparency and brightness, their walk on the bottom of the sea is very fascinating. They are also terrifying to watch.

They have many eyes on their stomachs, which makes them look awful. But they are even more terrifying among other jellyfish and notorious. Because they can use their powerful poison to kill fish and shrimp in an instant.

Their poison is the most deadly harmful in the world. The toxin attacks the heart, nervous system and skin cells. It is so painful that people will be killed in 5 minutes if they are attacked by it.

So they are called "sea bollocks", they usually live in the North Australian Sea and the Indo Pacific Ocean. They are more efficient at swimming than other jelly fishes. Generally, their life span is like 5 years.
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