Harmful aspects of e-book lessons

Many books are being published less by reading books through computers, tabs or mobiles. No need to carry and many books have the advantage of being kept in a small space. Audio Video Presentation The ebook with many benefits is now on the market. The online version of all the books has been released in Bangladesh.

But the e-book has a terrible side effect for the eyes. The amount of this loss depends on the type of display. And how often the user is reading the eBook continuously.

Persistent computer document, e-mail or video watching can also cause eye damage. Many of the eye diseases, headaches, or blurred vision have been due to a constant look at the computer.

General Books Read:
Continuous paper printed simple books can also cause eye damage. Even though there is very little light in reading a book, it can cause harm. Every ten minutes, after looking at something beyond reading, the eye can be stressed. However, as the light in the general paper book changes, so does the amount of damage.

The smallest display unit on the eBook screen is a pixel. CSV or PDF eBook texts are a combination of pixels. They are a little difficult to see for the eye. That's why more pixels display is better. The higher the pixel and the less refreshing the display the less harmful it is.(The refresh rate is the number of times the display is turned off and on every second. Our eyes can't track more than 10 images per second, so we can't track this on and off.)


The formula can be followed by 10-10-10 to reduce eye loss. After at least 10 minutes look at an object 10 feet away for more than 5 seconds.Relatively large fontaria can reduce the pressure on the eyes.You should adjust the lights for the display and take advantage of yourself. This is very important for the eyes.Patients who suffer from eye pain when looking at the screen should consult a doctor.
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