How to Increase Views of YouTube Video?

As you all know one thing clearly, the more videos you have on YouTube channel videos, the more revenue you get from Google AdSense. YouTube is one of the easiest and most trusted platforms to monetize online. You do not usually need to be accustomed to YouTube or any experience you have to earn from blogging online. A person can capture different scenes only with his own camera: uploading good quality videos will enable you to earn money from YouTube without any additional experience. Besides, you can earn money by making tutorials on things you know well. I know there is no other platform that is as simple as making money from the Internet.

There are some types of YouTube videos that have a lot of competition. Competition is especially high for those who share the tutorial type video. Because such videos are uploaded to YouTube in large quantities. And for those who upload photos on YouTube with a variety of photos of nature's aesthetics, this comparison is rare. For example - people who share videos about Wild Life get more viewers easily because of the low popularity and popularity. If you can upload such videos then you can achieve success very easily.

However, those who have more video compatibility will follow your technique, leaving behind others' channels to make your position on YouTube search results. Today we will share some techniques to enhance your YouTube Channel's views that will make your channel popular for a while. Take a look at the topics of today's post -

  • Better use video titles, descriptions and tags.
  • Video shared on social media.
  • Editing videos and attaching different effects.
  • Increase Subscriber.
Today we will discuss all of the above. But before uploading the video, you must set up your YouTube channel well. If you have no idea how to create a YouTube channel: Beautifully decorated, you can check out the details from our earlier post. 

The exact details of the video:

Video Titles: After creating the video, name the video in such a way that it matches the elements of the video. If you make a play and give the name of the video as a movie, then the chances of getting a video view are reduced first. Beautifully write the title of the video in English, in line with the subject you just created.

Video Descriptions: As the video is uploaded, you will see an empty cell for writing Descriptions below the video. Here you have to write Descriptions in at least 8-10 lines. Write a short description of your video, along with articles that can be searched for. It basically works like the Meta Descriptions tag. When someone searches YouTube for content that matches the content of your video, it is possible that the video will not appear in search results if you do not get the keyword in the title and get it in Descriptions.

Video Tags: Most new YouTuber do not give any importance to this matter. After uploading the video you will see an empty cell just below the Descriptions for tagging. Here are the small tags. You will select only the category of your video, that is, 2 or 4 tags of the same type or type of video in your video. This way the search engine will be able to easily understand the type of your video.

Video shared on social media:

Fast sharing: When you upload a video, you can start sharing it manually without leaving the video. Because if your channel is new, no one will know about the newly uploaded video. After uploading for social media as soon as possible to share. This will allow at least 3 media crawlers to get ideas for your video and bring in some visitors. As your video gets older and the share and viewer increase, the value of the video to the search engine will decrease.

Notifying via Email: You can collect the email addresses of some individuals and organizations who are regularly involved online and inform them of your video via email. This will enhance your video's viewer as well as create a kind of communication for everyone. Doing so will definitely get some traffic to your video.

Share on social media: Social media is a major contributor to increasing traffic both on blogging or on YouTube. By creating a page called YouTube Challenge on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, you can easily increase the video viewer by increasing the follower.

Shares on Blogs and Websites: You can increase the viewer by sharing videos on the blogs you know or friends. Currently, Google BlogSpot can easily create a custom blog. In this case you can increase the video's viewer by sharing your YouTube channel's videos as well as sharing some articles about the video.

Editing Video and Attaching Various Effects:

Creating interesting videos: Creating professional quality videos through video editing is very important in creating tutorial videos. In this case you can learn the work of advanced video editing software from an organization. By adding different types of visual effects, the better you can present videos, the more visitors to your channel will be able to hold.

Background Music: To edit the video well, put some interesting music in the background of the video. This work will increase viewers' interest in the video. However, note that when the video has its own sound, the sound of the music is not higher than your sound. Try to present in a smart, beautiful and subtle language while avoiding regionalism in the form of tutorials with your own voice.

Edit after upload: After uploading the video, you will be able to add other videos of your channel in the form of a text link using the YouTube video editor. In this case, if the viewer likes to watch your video, then it will be interesting to see the other video. This will easily increase the viewer of your various videos.

Enhancing Organic Views:

Subscriber Growth: Organic traffic is a very important factor for success in any field on the Internet. Without the organic traffic, it is not possible to increase the rank of the blog or YouTube channel. Your channel's Subscriber must be enhanced to receive organic traffic for YouTube. In a word, the more subscribers the channel has, the higher its video views and revenue will be. Subscriber will ask you to subscribe to your video by talking about the intimidation of your video and add the Subscribe option to the video.

Like and Dislike Growth in Video: Just like before, when you talk about the video, you will also be invited to join Like. In addition to having a large amount of likes on your video, if anything is dislike, both will serve as Like traffic. Because the video has more like Dislike than Dislike, it doesn't really make sense. YouTube assumes there is something good in the video for which Like and Dislike are happening. However, dislike more than Like can be contrary to interest. In this case, you must take care of the quality of your video. So in no way will it be more like Dislike.

Comments Increase: Comment is one of the most important things for search engines to create good rankings. If a video contains a lot of commentary, that video can go back to the search result, leaving behind many non-commentary quality videos. In this case, you create the video in such a way that the viewer gets some small questions in their mind after watching the video. By asking that question you will be able to increase the comment in the comment section of your video.

Lastly: By uploading good quality videos and following all the above tips properly, you will be a good YouTuber in a few days. Keep in mind that you can't enhance the viewer without good quality video. Uploading a video of no type six will not increase the viewer. There are some YouTubers in Bangladesh who can make money from YouTube by uploading videos from other sites like Manekren. Never do this. YouTube does not accept copied videos of any kind. However, you can use parts of others' videos by following the Fair Usage Policy. There are many rules that I will discuss in another post.
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