Isabagul Bhusi - Benefits and Uses

The husk of the Isabagul is being used.
 Isobugal husk is basically the husk of the Isobagul seed.Isobagul is a shrub plant.
Most cultivated in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Mexico.
In Bangladesh, water has long been in the wate
In medical science, the penetration of isobar is very important.

Constipation is far from over
Isubules contain sufficient amounts of amino acids, which are very useful in alleviating constipation.

Rules for eating the husk of Isabul Gul to remove the difficulty
You have to eat after eating three times daily to relieve distress.
The husk of the isobagul should be mixed with a spoon in a little water and consumed immediately. Cannot be soaked.
If wet, the husk will not have the functionality of the husk. The husk is mixed with the food and will absorb the food and soften the stool.

If there is a stomach problem
One tablespoonful of three tablespoons of husk can be eaten one to two times daily by mixing it with hot milk or water.
Every day Isabugul plays the husk, there is no possibility of gall bladder disease

Isobugs are not compared to keep the stomach cold or cool.
Isabugul is useful for cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss etc.
Isobules should be consumed with syrup three or four times daily if the piles suffer from problems.

Before going to bed every night, drinking a glass of isobar sorbet enhances sex.To lose

Drinking the essence of the isobagulo regularly helps in controlling the weight. It creates a feeling full of stomach. So the levels of food intake are reduced.Moreover, it absorbs excess fat and expels it from the body while remaining intact.


Diabetic patients will need to eat isobagal husk without sugar.It is also advisable for kidney patients not to eat asbestos.It is advisable for patients with low blood pressure not to eat Isabugil's husk.Some allergy sufferers cannot tolerate it. They should be avoided.
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