Seven benefits of eating seasonal foods

Allah has determined the cycle of flowering and fruiting of the plant with the interval of day and night and temperature. And so we get vegetables, vegetables, fruits and vegetables at a time.

As it varies in our taste, there is a certain amount of intake in one meal, but our need for food is satisfied. We should eat seasonal and all the vegetables, vegetables and fruits available in the area. Rotate the year without excluding any.

১. Naturally meet the needs of the body:
On a hot day, there is the possibility of a heat stroke. And see this time mango is available, which keeps our body cool. Raw mango meets the needs of Vitamin C. Thus, the fruits that are available every season are essential to our season.

Again, there are many fruits that may not be available in the market, not to be missed. Kaufal, Bethune, Gab, pendant, jam etc. are rarely available in our country.

2. Meeting needs throughout the year
Throughout the year, we can fill some of our body's lack of vitamins and minerals, through seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our body understands its needs. The excess escapes the body.

৩. Seasonal fruit is chemical free
Seasonal fruit is not stored in the oven as there is no need to preserve it. Generally, preservatives such as wax or formalin are not used to cover the fruit. And it is better to collect from the surrounding area.Many fruits can be saved in the off season by saving a few months and making a lot of profit. That's why businesses save and sell fruit. Keeping it in a freezer or with a chemical will make it worse for health.Bangladeshi doctors do not eat fruits of the disease lately - because all the foreign fruits available in the market are given chemicals

৪. Most of the seasonal stars are original varieties
Various vegetables and crops have been made high by producing varieties. Other crops that were cultivated during the season were also changed by changing the genes. Many varieties of genes have been shown to have less nutritional value than the original varieties.And so you have to eat in season to get the original variety of curry. Many vegetables are now grown in Bangladesh as a result of whole year, such as pui vegetables, red herbs. Other curries such as luau, sweet pumpkin, beans, tomatoes, carrots, etc. result at certain times. You will find fake breeder in a slightly different season.

৫. Increases immunity
Vegetables and fruits help prevent root disease. There is one type of multiplication in seasonal one meal.The body receives food according to the needs of the body. The body does not take in all the nutrients of a diet that plays more regularly. Therefore, the difference in diet satisfies the nutritional needs of the body. And the right amount of nutrients helps prevent our disease.

৬. Nutrition that can never be found
Some nutrients that may not be available other times should now be taken. If some seasonal vegetables or fruits are left out of the menu, those nutritious foods may be absent throughout the year. So, when it comes to the fruits and vegetables in the market, give importance.

৭. Taste
The disagreement of the food is also eliminated in a single way. People feel content, feel good. Differentiation of food is required for human satisfaction. Some foods keep the mind good by increasing the anti-depressant hormone.

১. As the price goes down, you will get many nutrients at a lower price. The price of tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers etc in Bangladesh is up to ten times in the off season compared to the season. I see prices of different fruits up to five times.
2. Farmers produce a lot of crops during the season, buyers are not available. Many fruits and crops are wasted. If we consume more foods during the season, food waste will be reduced, farmers will be benefited.

Eating lots of the same fruit can make food digestive. Many people have eaten jam, litchi and kathals on an empty stomach.
Children need to be extra careful. Under the tree at night there is a large amount of fruit, the chicks go and eat in the morning. There is evidence that eating extra litchi in the morning has resulted in food poisoning.
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