The Emperor's Penguin

Penguins that are larger in size than all species of penguins are known as the Emperor Penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri). Their average height is 45 inches or 115 cm. Weight is 45.4 kg.

However, their weight varies in different seasons. These peaceful creatures live in the ice and cool waters of the Antarctica continent. Their main food is fish, krill and snail, marine animals that eat and live.They are very skilled at swimming. Can hold breath for 20 minutes under water. Can sink 1800 feet deep. They do not want to take any risk while jumping into the sea, taking the risk to protect one of the Penguin teams first.To survive the storm, they flock and live together. The Emperor's Penguins spend all of them together in the open ice during the intense winter.

During May-June, the penguins of the wife Emperor lay one egg in the gag. The weight of an egg is about 460-470 grams. The male penguin hatches the baby with eggs. During this time, male penguins fast for 11 days. Then their weight dropped from 38 kg to 18 kg. Their penguin was then near the sea. After the birth of the baby penguin, the mother comes to the baby and is responsible for nurturing the baby.

Feathers of baby penguins are covered in gray. The head is black and the face white. The adult Emperor Penguin has thick black feathers that cover all the surface, including the head, chin, throat, back, dorsal. The lower part of the wings and the abdomen are white.

They usually live for 15 to 20 years.
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