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Will your sleep slow down before you finish reading this article? If so, that is to say, you are getting enough sleep every day. Nor do you sleep well, even though you may feel like you are asleep. Katie Latley Babland, a sleep technician at the Ottawa Hospital Sleep Center, said that half of the adult people do not sleep at the required time, or they do not get good sleep even when their eyes are closed. His point is that people are sleep deprived in the long run. If you still feel tired after sleeping for 3 to 5 hours a day, there is a problem with your sleep. Find out how severe the problem is by completing the experiment described below. This test is called Epworth Sleepiness Scale | Through this you will know the quality of your sleep.

For this test, you need to calculate your chances of getting sleep or sleep in the following eight situations. The situation is eight:

১. While sitting or reading;
2. While watching television;
৩. Sitting idle on public places;
৪. 1 hours as a passenger while in the car;
৫. While sitting down and talking to someone;
৬. In the afternoon, resting in bed;
৭. While sitting down after lunch with no alcohol;
৮. A few minutes of traffic is stuck while driving.

In each case, check your chances of getting sleep and calculate score points accordingly. If there is no chance of sleep, then the score point is zero. If there is a slight chance the score is 1. Score point 2 for the best possible. If the total score points are 0-6, you are getting enough sleep. If you sleep on average, then you are sleeping. If the score is 7 or 8 higher, consult a doctor.

Twenty facts about sleep:

১. Long-term nose treatment is being treated. This is a surgical procedure. The soft palate and neck cells are tightened through it.
2. Another alternative is to tighten the soft cells by injecting chemicals into the palate. Its name
৩. A team of researchers at the University of Oxford in 2002 argued that the idea of eliminating insomnia when a sheep count is completely wrong, is rather exhausting, resulting in various side effects.
৪. The average age of a toshok or jazim is 7 years. During this time the dirty material is born. A bacterial study of Toshak's bacteria found that these bacteria can cause sudden death in children.
৫. An adult in bed can survive for up to a year without eating a condom.
৬. In the United States, more than three and a half million patients were prescribed sleeping pills in the United States. After that, the number of patients taking sleeping pills between the ages of 20-24 has doubled in four years.
৭. One million car accidents occur in the United States annually for sleepwalking reasons. Speaking on the driver's cellphone, the rate has increased by 5 percent.
৮. There is an alarm clock in the body. As a result, people can wake up naturally at any time. Stretch hormone works behind adrenocorticotropin-Gi. The hormone levels start to rise for 2-3 hours before the possible wake-up period.
৯. A six-year survey of over one million full-grown people found that those who slept for 6-8 hours a night had lower mortality rates than those who slept daily.
১০. At 1964-year17-old Bandy Gardner was awake for 264 hours and 12 minutes. It is the largest world record of being employed.
১১. Spain, in conjunction with the European Union, has launched a campaign. And that is the traditional midday sleep and periodic short-term sleep deprivation.
12. Spaniards sleep 3 minutes less on average than Europeans due to periodic short sleep. Spain is the highest in the European Union at workplace accidents.
১৩. That is to say, those who sleep awake can never be awakened.
১৪. The whales and dolphins spend half awake and half asleep. Half of their brains fall asleep periodically.
15. Dreaming is associated with intense electrical activity, which strikes the brain once every 5 minutes during sleep.
১৬. On average, a man spends six years dreaming on an average. The number of his dreams stands at 1 lakh 36 thousand. But we still do not know why people dream.
১৭. In the United States, 50 million children suffer from urine in bed at night.
১৮. Many are also afraid to sleep. The name of the scary disease is Somniphobia
 ১৯. So far no celebrity who suffers from sleep disorders.
20. Former President of India Abdul Kalam says, dreaming in sleep is not a dream, the real dream is to wake up. That dream will not let you sleep.
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