Keep your phone safe by doing these 5 things.

১. Use powerful antivirus: Most phones today work just like your PC. So your phone can attack the virus anytime, like a computer. Use powerful antivirus to protect against virus. From my own experience I would suggest using the three Avast, Kaspersky (Paid), QuickHeal Smartphone Security. However, yes, but never use more than one antivirus at once. It creates many problems.

2. Be careful before installing an app: There are numerous software and applications for Android phones. Many times, the user downloads harmful applications without his knowledge. That's why various smartphone security companies have suggested that its creators and providers be sure to check the site before downloading it.

৩. Always keep OS updated: We occasionally receive new updates. They are actually made by manufacturers to improve the faults of older versions. These updates are specially programmed to protect your phone from new viruses. So always keep your phone's OS updated.

৪. Always backup data: your Android smartphone can be lost, stolen or lost at any time. In that case, you are likely to lose your valuable and personal information and leave it to someone else. To avoid this problem, use backup. As a result, you will get the information you need. And if your phone is lost or stolen, personal information can be deleted using the 'remote-wipe feature'. It also ensures the security of personal information. So use the feature and keep your phone safe.

৫. Keep all encrypted data: Using the phone with encryption is very important. Data security can be enhanced in many ways by using encryption. A password is required to access the encrypted data. You can turn on Encrypt by selecting Security option from Settings to get this feature on Android phone. I myself have been saved from the great danger of using this feature.
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