Let's not know the secret of folding cotton

We consider ourselves different times, locations and environments; I like to present different kinds of clothes beautifully. Although we can express ourselves in different kinds of clothes, we feel more comfortable wearing cotton clothes. Because it is very comfortable to wear, soft, good moisturizing and sweat absorbent and lasting. But there is one problem, and this type of cloth is usually folded or crushed after use once or twice. That is why they need to be repeatedly ironed.

Cotton is the main ingredient in cotton cloth. And cotton is the sum of numerous ash. These fibers have a chemical group, called hydroxyl (- OH) group.Groups form hydrogen bonds (H-bonds). But when there is a stress on the cloth, the hydrogen bond between the hydroxyl group is broken as well. Hydrogen groups form hydrogen bonds with the slightly distant hydroxyl groups in the area where the stress occurred. As a result, frost is formed at the site, which is not normal and returns to its previous position. So what can we do?

You may have noticed that when cotton is ironed in the laundry, they sprinkle some water and soak the cloth. There is a scientific explanation for this marriage. In fact, water acts like a lubricant here. If we analyze water (H2O), it is found in hydrogen ions (H +) and hydroxyl ions (OH–). This hydroxyl ion (OH–) of water breaks down the previous hydrogen bonds responsible for folding the cloth. As a result, during hydration, the hydroxyl groups form a new hydrogen bond (H-bond) and free the fold.
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