Silent killer 2 animals

There are many species of predators in nature. Each animal uses different techniques for hunting. Anyone or directly
Attack someone or kill them with a silent wound. Learn about 2 strange creatures that attack silently


Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is a reptile that is tropical in IndonesiaThe region is seen to live. They are the largest species of tick-borne species. 10 feet (5 m) in lengthAnd weighs 200 pounds (70 kg). Their skin has rough, crispy skin that resembles a crocodileSlender, and has a long tail. They have sharp long nails. Their feet resemble the palm of our hand.The teeth of a Komodo dragon look a lot like a saw. They have 200 teeth a year. They have two earsThere are holes, but they are deaf to the ears. They use the nose and tongue to swell the victim's odor. They are 3 miles awayIt also gets the smell of prey. Thus, the odor dries up and looks for prey. Their speed is not less.Can run at 5 km per hour.They contain seven types of bacteria and an anti-coagulant which is a substance in their saliva.Protects the blood from the blood pressure). When they bite the predators, the predatorsBleeding starts slowly in the body due to the anti-coagulant. Then the Komodo dragonStart eatingThey live for more than 30 years.


Hagfis (myxine glutinosa) - Another silent killer in nature.Huggish eel-shaped animals. They can be up to 32 inches tall. Their body is a sticky called slimeAdhesive is covered by the substance. The adhesive called slime is strongly associated with tiny fibers. As a resultSlime is so hard and difficult that it cannot be removed easily. If the victim dies easily, he will dieThe adhesive material enters the flicker of it.They attach themselves to a coil to avoid this glue or slime, and thusCrosses so that the body can remove the slime. Hagfis eating habits are kind of scary. By the side of itWith the help of their special tongues, they trapped the fish with this adhesive or slime.By eating meat. They are considered to be the most dangerous animals in the sea.
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