The current context of microcontroller technology in Bangladesh

At present, microcontrollers are a hot topic for those who are studying or working with electronics. There has not been much work in our country in the past but in the last two years we have been very forward on this issue. Working on a microcontroller is just as fun and its future is great. You can learn to do good work by building small or medium-sized industries.

The current context of microcontroller technology in our country

In the meantime, many such organizations have been established in our country, as well as several Bangladeshi groups are active in social media through which everyone shares their experiences, projects, ideas, problems, solutions, resources. The number of members of these groups is increasing every day, which shows that the number of people interested in electronics is increasing day by day. Many people are also working with advanced technology using advanced technology like GSM, GPS, and vehicle trucking system. Not only that, they can also be used to bring them into the market.

Research and domestic technology

Now many people in our country are making and producing commercial products like UPS, IPS, voltage stabilizer, solar charge controller, counters, automatic water pump controller, industrial security system, networking, temperature and humidity control system using microcontroller. Besides, research is also being done to increase the quality of the product and to develop new products and technologies. By expressing that we are slowly starting to enrich our domestic technology and relinquish our dependence on foreign products.

Training services and necessary support

Currently the number of organizations providing training services on imbedded systems, microcontroller technology, is also increasing day by day. And the training system of these institutions is also good and world class. As well as increasing the number of seminars and workshops aimed at encouraging newcomers, and the availability of such technologies, the online soap or organizations that are working on embedded systems, microcontroller technology, at various universities, at different times. All these issues are being discussed on blogs and social media. Besides, the number of web sites created on this topic in Bangla and English is increasing.

Robotics Technology

The mainstay of robotics technology is microcontroller. In the past we have had many limitations in this field because developing the kits, materials, and mechanical structures needed to develop a robotic system was quite a challenge. But nowadays many are importing the necessary kits and materials from abroad, so it's time to move on to this technology as well. In the past two years, we have also made great strides in robotics technology. The 'ISometric' team, which took part from the IUT of Bangladesh, won second place and BUET took first place in Bangladesh competition last year before participating in the final of the International Robotics Challenge. Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and UAE will participate in the final. In the past two years, our thinking has changed drastically.
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