What if the Internet suddenly stopped working?

In this age of current information consumption, nothing can be imagined without the Internet. At present, the Internet has a pervasive role in keeping the entire world together. At present, the Internet has a huge role to play in the business, business, banking, education and even home market. Woke up in the morning and now no one is waiting for the news paper. No one watches a wall or hands on a clock to know the time. Why is the Internet in his hands? But you imagine a little, what would happen if the Internet suddenly stopped working? Do you understand what I feel? So let's think today if the internet connection is off.

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 Everyone is using the internet regularly. So suppose you wake up in the morning with a mobile hand to see who has posted something new on Facebook. Or if there is a new email coming from your office. But the internet connection will be closed because of the shutdown. Moreover, all social networks like Twitter, Viber, Emo, WhatsApp, etc. will be discontinued so that communication with each other will not be possible.

In this age of the Internet, all banks have been introduced to e-banking services. Due to the closure of the internet, various banks will not be able to do their transactions. This resulted in a lot of money loss. The customer population will suffer greatly.

Currently we have easy medium flight service to travel from one end of the world to the other. Now if the internet is tired, flight booking arrangements will be disrupted. There are several problems with operating the flights. Passengers will not be able to purchase e-tickets through their debit or credit card. As a result, the misery of the passengers will increase.

From day to day jobs, classes, or business, I thought I would start watching Smaat TV and watch some new movies online through Net Fix. But this is not possible without the internet.

Currently, e-commerce business is in great demand.

Such as Ajkerdeal.com, Akhoni.com, Bikroy.com, etc. Now everyone is more interested in buying products online. But if there is no internet, those businesses will be shut down and will suffer huge losses.

The entrepreneurs of Bangladesh garment factories take the help of the Internet to spread their business around the world. And without the internet it will stop spreading and they will be at a great disadvantage.

In this age of information technology, no one is using paper mapping anymore. You are going somewhere very feverish but you do not know the exact location of your destination.

The ride sharing service has also been launched in Bangladesh. Which provides service to the customer through app and internet. For example: Uber, Send, etc. Without the Internet, these services are not available.

Bangladesh unemployment is increasing day by day. And this time, the unemployed youth has been able to make a living at home with the help of various organizations like freelancers and outsourcing organizations. But this is not possible without the internet. And now if the Internet is closed, then foreign clients will not get their jobs done at the right time, so both will be at a loss. Internet service providers will also suffer loss. Because if there is no internet, their business will be closed.

About 55% of the world's people are connected to the Internet. Now everything is internet dependent. Can't think of the internet shutting down right now. Closing the Internet means the world is almost gone. In fact, the Internet is no longer something that has a big switch that closes the internet connection of the entire world

Lastly: In our present time the Internet is playing an important role. To keep the whole world together is very feverish. Make it very difficult to do without the internet. Internet shadow is currently not possible to imagine anything.
Mehedi Hasan

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